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Friday, August 6, 2010

Primary Childrens picture of the day 2

So today I had to go back to a place that is very, very hard for me.... The place where Kael spent much of his life, the place that we sat in the waiting room surgery after surgery, the place we went a few months after he passed away for a memorial service. Oh how this place knows how to pull at my heart strings. I wasn't so much nervous for Landons surgery my other 2 boys have gotten ear tubes and its not a big deal its pretty quick and not many side effects and it makes them stop getting ear infections HOORAY!! I was more worried about breaking down and throwing up in that gosh darn waiting room. The same lady sits at the desk today that sat there when we were waiting for all of Kaels surgeries to be done. She is so sweet and happy oh how I love her and dislike her so much all at the same time. I did ok only broke down once it was all said and done and I didn't throw up. YAY!! Big accomplishment for today. Kael of course is close to my heart today as always but a little extra today. Landon is doing good he laughed at the nurses the whole time. Hes sleepy sleepy now but the surgery went just fine. Here's a picture of Landon playing in the waiting room having no idea whats about to come next.


The Hammonds said...

Sorry you had to go through all those emotions again

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