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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Luck O The Irish!!

This year for St. Patricks Day we were up in Wyoming visiting Uncle Rush and Aunt Miranda. We went up Friday and headed home Monday early afternoon. Don't fear though the leprechauns still found the kiddos and boy were they excited!! They left them new St. Patricks Day tee-shirts and gold!!! What more could a kid ask for! The kids went to school half day once we got home then for dinner we had green eggs and green juice to keep the spirit alive. We had such a fun day!! Holidays are so much more fun with kidlets around. We are very blessed

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The final month.... 11 months old

 Its so insane to me that Tiara is 11 months old. Only 1 month away from being 1. She is learning so much and growing up so stinking fast!!! This month we moved her into a big girl car seat and  she got another tooth, started standing un-assisted and is cruising all over the furniture. She is going to be walking in no time at all! She loves to dance and repeats words to songs. She waves bye bye, blows kisses and gives the best bear hugs. We have been lucky to have her healthy this month and continue to be in awe at all of her strength. Tiara loves to reads books but she likes to turn the pages she doesn't want you to do it. She loves her babies and her special stuffed animal bear. She will cling to them, give them kisses and talks to them its so cute! She loves all food and goes crazy at the sight of it she is learning to feed herself and loves her sippy cup with a straw!! ! If she isn't done and her food is gone she will for sure let you know about it!! She isn't picky and I hope that she stays that way. She is saying all kinds of words and loves to jabber the day away. At 11 months old she weighs in at 18 lbs 11 oz and 29 inches long. She is wearing size month clothes because she is so long!! She is in size 3 diapers and size 3 shoes. I can get her to wear headbands still and was able to give her, her first every piggy tail this month. It melted my heart. This little lady continues to be such a light in our lives! The boys adore her and love to help with her and play with her. She is such a special little lady one who we are so thankful to have as part of our family!

Friday, March 7, 2014

family time

Family time is so precious to me!! We've been working harder lately to have more of it. We've been lucky to have good weather so we've taken walks, gone to the park and been playing lots of soccer. We also went to chuckee cheese and had lots of fun playing games, winning tickets and eating pizza. This last weekend we took the kids to scheels to play on the playground walk around and see the fish and then to ride the big Ferris wheel which they thought was amazing! We also took the kids to fat cats a fun bowling place, we played two rounds of bowling which is always some fun with kidsthetr  are pretty funny while they are trying to get a strike! We also played games there and won tickets for prizes. I love seeing their excitement and pure joy as they see and experience new things. I love the joy in their eyes as they are learning and growing. Family is s precious to me I love that we are so lucky to he blessed with an amazing family. Cherish all of the time spent together.   I look at my kiddos and feel so blessed.  Such an amazing thing to be a mama.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

An Everlasting Memory!!!

A week ago today I was contacted on my blog by  Hallie Schumaker. She works for
Everlasting Memories an amazing website that makes memorial jewelery and keepsake items  and  and urn type jewelry to hold precious keepsakes of those left before us. The website is
http://www.evrmemories.com. She did the most amazing thing for us. She told me I could pick anything from her website and she would ship it to me free of charge.... to say I was speechless doesn't even begin to cover it. I looked all through her website it was so hard to choose because everything is BEAUTIFUL!! I ended up deciding on a portrait keep sake in the shape of a heart it came with a beautiful silver chain with it as well. I loved it because Kael holds such a huge place in my heart and to be able to have his picture on it meant even more. Now let me just tell you I emailed Hallie back on Sunday night fairly late and she was so quick to reply she let me know she would get it ordered and on its way. Monday rolled around and she emailed me with a tracking number and to let me know she had included something special for Layne as well... again I was speechless... what a priceless gift to receive. I tracked the package and couldn't believe she rushed the order to us. Wednesday fairly early in the day our priceless package had arrived. Opening it up I wasn't sure what to expect but when I did it brought tears to my eyes. The necklace was everything I could have imagined and she surprised me and did an engraving on the back. Then I opened up Layne's I was to excited to wait lol it was a beautiful key chain of Layney hand holding Kaels hand also engraved on the back. They are both so amazing,  pictures and words don't even do it justice. These are better than anything I could have even asked for. It means so much to have them and have a little something to wear and have each day to help us feel closer to Kael. With his birthday right around the corner it brings a little bit of sunshine into my soul. I miss this little man so much that having this is such a treasure. Hallie was a gem to work with. She made things so easy and was so thoughtful during this whole interaction. She was fast, thorough, thoughtful and like I said before her work is AMAZING! If you are looking for a keepsake for your loved one who has moved on from this world, I would strongly recommend taking a look at this website. Thank you so much Hallie! I couldn't have asked for anything more!

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