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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The nursery

Well now that we are so close to having this precious little girl we figured it was time to get the nursery all put together. We are within days of meeting our precious little baby and I can hardly believe it! Yesterday at the doc I was dilated to a 4 and 80% thinned out. I have lost my mucus plug and my blood pressure is up 25 points so they are watching me closely. We shall see how the next few days goes. I love how her nursery turned out though and cant wait to see her cute self in it!

Family shower

Last Saturday Layne's Aunt Kay and cousins Jodee and Tammie threw me a baby shower. It was put together so nicely. They made this beautiful diaper cake, had delicious food (crepes with all kind of toppings and slush), put together these cute water bottles with a precious saying and then did a few fun guessing games and had the guests decorate onezies and burp clothes for us. They seriously are the kindest, most giving people I know. They have always been great to Layne and I and the boys. When Layne and I couldn't be at the hospital with Kael they would go sit with him, hold him and visit. Their hearts are the size of mountains I tell you they are simply amazing. We were blessed to have lots of family come from my side as well as Layne's and this little girl was showered with more loving! She seriously is one very, very loved little girl. We are getting so close to meeting her I just cant wait!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

VZW egg hunt

Last week my work had our first annual egg hunt. Me along with about 15 other sups spent a Friday stuffing 10,000 eggs and had the employees bring their kids for a egg hunt. They all got sectioned off into age groups so no one would get trampled and the let the kids loose. The eggs had candy and some of them had golden tickets for prizes. The kids also got tattoos prior to the egg hunt. The boys had so much fun getting all of the eggs they filled their baskets full and then once they were done they had a good time opening them up to see what was inside. Landon is the only one who got a golden ticket. He was so happy about it and cute running to the table to get his prize. He got a JUMBO spider man coloring book and a box of crayons. It was so much fun!! I love that my company does so many family filled events around holiday times. It makes a so much fun!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Luck O the Irish

I like to make each holiday special for the kiddos. Even though St.Patricks Day isn't a huge one we still like to do things and have fun. This year the Leprechaun came to visit. he left his green feet prints all over the house which led the boys to a pot of gold and some toys. We went and had family breakfast at I Hop, did some shopping and then spent the afternoon at the park. We ordered pizza for dinner and had a movie night to end the night out. It was so much fun to see the looks on the boys face when they woke up in the morning. I love the surprised looks and how happy they get. It sure is fun being a mom! I am so thankful that I have that opportunity!

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Man things have been crazy around here lately. It seems there is always something happening and my blog has been neglected. Here is a post about our happenings as of late....

We've been enjoying the new found sunshine I really hope it sticks around, I have been helping out in Daxtons class to prepare for a really cool Opera they are doing, I got to guest speak in Stefons class about family traditions, We had to say goodbye to a very dear family member Carlene. She is my mother in laws cousin but was like a grandma to my kids. She always got them stuff for holidays, always came to their birthday parties, loved them like a grandma would and my kids most favorite thing was to craft with her. She will  be sorely missed. She had a spit fire personality and she was always cracking me up. She had a great love for Kael I hope they found each other in heaven and she is keeping him good company. We went to her funeral yesterday the boys drew her pictures. It broke my heart when it was time to say goodbye Daxton just walked up to her casket and laid his hand on it and started to cry. He stood for about 5 minutes and then said he told her what he needed to. He is such a tender boy! We sure love and will miss Carlene.  Landon has found a new love in drawing. He is getting pretty good for a 3 year old at drawing people and animals it cracks me up how serious he gets about it! The boys all took a visit to the dentist which they love because they are so cool there. They get to watch movies, wear sunglasses, play on a pirate ship and when their all done they get a token for a prize. We are almost finished with baby girls room and can hardly believe she is almost here. On Tuesday at the OB I had progressed to dilated to a 3 and 70% thinned out. My contractions are on and off so anything could happen. Its so surreal that this is really happening and she is almost here. I love feeling her kick and squirm around!!

These are just a few things keeping us busy but I wanted to write them down so I don't forget. Life seems to zoom by so quickly as of late that I don't want to miss a thing!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Baby girl update

Well I have 4.5 weeks left until my due date. I cant believe it is getting so close. I am so anxious to meet this little girl. We had another ultrasound on Friday and she is still looking great. She was measuring in about 5 lbs 3 oz. She is growing right on target and looking good still. One thing the doctors did notice was something called ecogenic bowel where around her bowl it is a little bit brighter. This is common in cystic fibrosis babies. This can mean that at birth she may have a blockage in her bowel and she may not be able to poop on her own. If this is the case she will have to have a procedure done up at at Primary Childrens so they can attempt to unblock her bowel. If that doesnt work then they would need to perform surgery. I am trying not to think to hard about this as it sounds scary and is somewhat stressful. I am however trying to prepare myself in case it comes to that. They usually let the baby try for 2 days on their own if she isnt able to poop by the second day then thats when they will do the transport. I have been in contact with many CF parents who have had to do this and it seems like it usually works out with the procedure rather than needing surgery if it actually comes to that. Either way I am praying for poop I know that sounds crazy but I am hoping thats how it works out. Not for my sake but for the boys.. the childrens hospital is scary for them and ties to not so good memories. Whatever happens we will walk them through this but id rather not have to go down that road. If we have to we will and we will pray that all works out for the best! Aside from this minor set back we may experience everything else is looking really good. She is still super active and cute as can be! On Tuesday I was my regular ob and he checked me I am dialated to a 2 and 60% effaced. Now I know that doenst mean anything other than the process has started but it sure makes it more real that this is coming and its coming soon!! We are so blessed to be adding this sweet baby to our family and I cant wait to see her sweet face. We are ready and praying that all will go well!! If you dont mind shoot a few prayers our way as well. To many prayers never did hurt :). Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us. We cant wait to have this sweet baby in our arms!

Baby Showers

I seriously have the sweetest friends and co workers. Last weekend on Sat my friend from work threw me a baby shower I had so many great friends show up and bring us so many great things. Cute outfits, diapers, diaper genies, headbands, bows, car seat and stroller, swaddling blankets from adan and anai, play gym,  walker,  shoes... so many great things. The food was delicious, my friend made all kinds of salads, sandwiches, banana pie, chocolate cake, slush it was delicious!! I had such a great support group of friends and co workers show up I am truly blessed!! Then yesterday while at work my boss called me over and said we needed to chat. She chatted with me for about 5 mins and then said we needed to take a walk I was like uh-oh what did I do... well little did I know my team that reports to me at work was also throwing me a baby shower!! I was shocked! They went to so much work!! They had the room all decorated, they brought the yummiest strawberry short cake, punch and mints and a ton of gifts as well. They got us a bumbo, 2 boxes of diapers, a bath seat, bath towels, headbands, hats, a really nice bottle set and some Binky's. I was in pure shock. They pulled it off with out me even knowing which was amazing. I felt special for sure! Such an amazing thing for my direct reports to do for me. This little girl is already loved by so many!! I sure cant wait to meet her. We are getting close!!

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