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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Days 10, 11 and 12

AHHH im sorry I am a huge slacker Ive been a bit busy and a bit down and really needed to post these pics so here ya go 3 in 1 day but their great pics as good as you can get from a camera phone anyways.... :0) So the first is of my fridge I know this sounds dumb but it has my kids art on it. I love to see how their growing and learning Stefon painted the picture you see with chocolate pudding... that's right I let them paint with pudding because im just "cool" like that according to Stefon, the next picture is of my mom she had surgery and this is a picture shortly there after she was being so crazy!! I love her to death she does so much for us! Today's picture is of Kaels grave.. I felt the need to be close to him today oh how I miss him so so much. I took my lunch there and ate it and talked to him and sang to him and blew him kisses. I'm sure the people driving by or in the cemetery thought I was crazy but its ok I really don't care. Its all I have and so they can think what they want to think. It was such a nice day sunny and warm. I laid by his headstone and just spilled my guts all the sudden this light calming wind started blowing for a few minutes I couldn't help but wonder if it was a sign from him. Oh how I love and miss him so much. Anyways hope you enjoy the pictures!! Much love to all.


Andrea said...

You are cool like that to let them paint with pudding and then hang it on the fridge. :) Glad that you mom is doing good. The people driving by probably didn't even see you since you were in you world with Kael. If they did see you then they must have been thinking of him too. :) Thinking of you!

Chad and Lux said...

Love you Brig. I was thinking of you and Kael today too! *Kisses from me*

The Johnson Crew said...

Hugs to you!


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