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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pierced Ears...

Id been toying with the idea of piercing Tiara's ears since she turned 2 months old. It took me a while to decide where to take her and when I wanted to do it. Finally about 2 weeks ago I took her to South Town Mall to a place called Piercing Pagado. I liked it there because they had 2 girls do it at once so she wouldn't get so upset. We picked a pair of earnings that both Layne and I liked and went for it. It was so funny Tiara only cried for about 2 seconds then looked at the girls and started smiling so big. I am so in love with her earrings it make her look even girlier than she already was. This having a girl thing is so different but so much fun. I am so in love with this little princess. I am so thankful that she is part of our family and that we get her to love on. I sure feel lucky to have all the sweet kids that I do. One blessed mama right here!

Fall Soccer

A few weeks ago Landon started his first ever season for soccer. It is so cute watching him run around and kick the ball. At first he was really nervous but now he runs out and goes after the ball and kicks it and trys to stop the other team from getting a goal. So far his team the white tigers are 4 wins 0 losses. They love the sport. I love that they are so active and into sports it will help them as they get bigger and it helps him to be more sociable and comfortable with other kids. I sure love watching him play and seeing him be so proud of himself!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

5 months old!

WOW time flies. I feel like I just wrote the 4 month post. I know I always say this but time is zooooming by! Tiara has reached some new milestones this month and gets so much funner (is even a word lol) by the day. We all love and adore her so much. She brings such sunshine to our lives!! Stats this month are that she is up to 13 lbs. 9 oz which is 21% and is 25 inches which is 65%. Good news is she is growing just not gaining quite as much weight as they would have liked her to. She loves to eat though so we are just going to add a few more things to help her pack it on lol. She got to try new foods this month. She still loves her baby cereal but has also tried bananas, squash and sweet potatoes. So far she loves everything she has tried. She also things its really fun to drink water our of my glass its the cutest thing! I am still making her baby food which I love it helps me to feel domesticated if even in the slightest bit. Tiara is knowing people now and is starting to have stranger danger so she hides in my shoulder with people she doesn't know.  It is so cute when she sees me she reaches out her arms to come. I love, love, love that feeling that she needs me. She is starting to sit unassisted for short amount of times and tries to sit herself up when she is in a laying position. She is getting so strong! She loves to babble all day and will raise and lower her voice if shes happy or sad. She loves to laugh and has the cutest little laugh that can get anyone going. She is learning to tolerate tummy time more and has started scooting off the blanket in efforts to crawl I think she will have it in no time at all. She is holding on to all kinds of toys now and thinks shes hilarious because she can take her Binky out and put it back in. She has started taking naps in her crib but at night I still have her in the rock and play.  She loves being sung to and will calm right down if I sing or play her music and she loves to dance she has quite the groove. She doesn't like to get out of the bath, she gets upset if she sees me walk out of a room, she loves watching her brothers and playing with them she instantly lights up when they walk  into the room. She loves playing with her daddies beard and thinks its fun when he fly's her like an airplane. This has been an amazing month I feel so blessed that she has been in such good health this far and am so amazingly beyond belief that she is actually ours. I am trying to soak in every minute of her. Not take a single thing for granted. I talk to her often about Kael and she always gets a smile. I think that they are close still and that she brings his spirit even more into our home. Life is an amazing journey I cant wait to see what next month brings.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


I am so proud of Daxton he started scouts the last week of May and then the troop took the whole month of July off so hes had little time to accomplish earning his Bobcat award but he did it. He loves scouts and worked so hard to do all of the things required to earn his award. At pack meeting it was fun they called him up and had us paint his face different colors which meant different things. He loved it. I am so happy that he is loving scouts, learning and growing the skills necessary to become a young man. I am so happy to be his mommy!

Back to School

Another school year has started. It seems like summer flew by this year but the kids were so excited to start back up at school! I love that they enjoy school and love to learn and make friends. The boys teachers are all so nice. I'm really excited for this year! Daxton started 3rd grade, Stefon started 2nd grade and Landon is going to his second year of preschool. This year I decided not to put him in the same  preschool  as last year because he seemed a little advanced for it and already did it one year so I enrolled him in the preschool at the boys elementary school. It is a great program they go 4 days a week for 3 hours a day so it mirrors what Kindergarten will be like alot. Landon is LOVING it so far! I'm really happy and excited about our decision! Here's to another year of learning and growing!

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