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Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Day

( Yes I am a nut and bought a flower arrangement that said Dad for Kaels grave it was a major oops)

This Memorial Day was a good one spent with family and friends. On Friday we headed up to Wyoming t stay with Layne brother for a few days to spend time with family and take the kids shooting. The boys have been dying to go since last fall and Landon got his own gun now so we decided it was perfect timing (dont fear we taught all of the boys about gun safety first and they had full supervision the whole time!!). Tiara was a champ on the drive there and back and I would say did very well for her fist little vacation away from home. It was great to spend time with Rich the boys love him so much. We had a BBQ one night and watched fun movies and went to this really yummy restaurant for breakfast one of the mornings it was such a fun trip. We came back home Sunday morning since Daxton had the prayer in Primary and Landon had the scripture. It was cute seeing them do their little parts. That night we went to a friends house to hang out and have another BBQ. Monday we visited the cemetery it always amazes me how beautiful it is on Memorial Day. There are thousands of flowers, flags, so much love that can be felt. It was nice to visit with Kael as a family as well as my grandpa who served in the war, my grandma, my brother and my aunts grave. Its a beautiful time to reflect on life and the reason for the holiday. We made sure to teach the boys the reason for the day. We decided to go out for dinner and the boys choose a place called Ichiban. Stefon picked it because he wanted sushi ( smart kid :)..) and Daxton and Landy choose it because they love the chicken there. It was really a great weekend spent with the ones we love most!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


The boys final flag football game was on Tuesday and their team the Spartans swept the season. They went 8-0. They never lost a game, played well together and never gave up. They had an awesome coach who was very thorough, resilient and perfect with the kids. They had such a fun time and learned so stinking much. They boys both got flags several times, did many kick offs ran the ball and passed the ball during the games. It really was a fun sport to watch. I cant wait to see what they decide to do next. I am one proud mama!!

Landons preschool graduation

Little Landon graduated from preschool on Monday. It was so stinkin cute they had a little presentation and got their diplomas and then were able to bounce around for hours at a fun place called Jump N Bounce. His little preschool class was so cute he had a great time this year. Its amazing to me he is almost 4 and has 1 year of school behind him. These kids are growing up to fast!! Congrats Landy we are so super prou of you!!

Daxtons birthday!!

Daxtons birthday fell on a Monday this year so we celebrated with friends and family the Saturday before. We were going to have his party at the park but we got rained out which was a bummer however we still had lots of fun with his party a home. Daxton choose a football themed party this year. It was fun we had football plates, napkins, cups, banners, cake, party bags  and table clothes. The kids played lots of games and we had a BBQ. Daxton was shown so much love from family and friends. He got lots of great things he can play with and tons of money which he is stoked about so that he can choose what he wants. On Monday his actual birthday his 2nd grade class was having their yearly second grade birthday party so it turned out perfect. I volunteered for the party and got to help with the games as well as the ice cream and cupcake fest they had. It was such a fun afternoon!! That night Dax got to have fun and a jump and bounce place which he loved!! He is still deciding on where he wants to go for his birthday date so we will be doing that next weekend :). I cant believe Daxton is 8! It doesn't seem real that he can be that old. He is such a good kid. He loves to help with his younger siblings, he is excelling so much in school this year and is reading like a champ. He has a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone! He is great at sports and is so kind to everyone. If someone doesn't have a friend he will make sure to be one for them. I am so lucky that Daxton is in our family. I love him with my whole heart and couldn't ask for a better kid!!


May is alway such a busy month!! We have mothers day, Laynes birthday, my birthday and Daxs birthday. It keeps us hoping thats for sure!! For Layne and I's birthday we had some friends over for a game night and BBQ the Saturday before because on our actual birthdays it was hectic with school, football games, Layne working etc. It was fun to have friends over though and just be together. Layne got  pool table from the kids and I for his bday and some money from family  and I got my piano from Layne and the kids  and some money from family. I cant believe this is my last year in my 20's!! YIKES! I feel like I am getting so old he he. Heres to another year of happiness :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mothers Day

I feel so blessed to be called a mom. It is a title that I will never take for granted. Mothers Day was bitter sweet as it always is. Wishing I could mother all of my children here on earth and not have to wait to mother them in heaven but it was a beautiful day non the less. I seriously am so thankful to be a mom. My kids are my whole world and each of the has a special huge place in my heart. This mothers day Layne cooked a yummy breakfast and the kids each gave me their presents from school. They were so excited to show me what they had made. Layne gave me a big present it was a combined mothers day and birthday present.... he got me a new piano. I love it so much and cant wait to teach the boys how to play. We have already started a bit of lessons. I loved reading the cards the boys made at school and seeing what they had to say about their mom it was to cute. We went to church in the afternoon and then headed to Layne's aunts house for a yummy dinner. We colored and played games in the back yard together it was so much fun. We stopped by to visit my mom a bit and then headed home. I wore Kaels necklace all day to ensure he was kept part of the day. It was a great mothers day. I was so happy to spend it with the ones that I love the most!! I am so thankful to my mom for all that she has done for me and my family and am thankful for Laynes mom as well. Both are perfect examples of selfless love. I am one truely blessed gal.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tiaras baby blessing.

On Sunday we blessed Tiara in our church. It was such a beautiful day for our family. We had a great support group there with our family. We had about 45 friends and family there to celebrate. Larry Layne's cousin was the one to bless her and he did an amazing job. He is such a sweet guy and is a great blessing to our family. Afterwards we had everyone over to our house for a luncheon. We had chicken salad sandwiches, 2 different pasta salads, fruit trays, veggie trays, chips, cookies and drinks. It was such a great afternoon spent with the people that we love the most. Tiara looked beautiful and I could feel Kaels presence the whole day. We are so lucky to have to friends and family that we do. Our support system is amazing and we are forever grateful for it.

Monday, May 6, 2013

One month old...

I cant believe Tiara is already one month old. Time is FLYING by so fast!! We have loved every second of her being with us and are so super lucky. She is an amazing baby she never cries unless she is hungry or in need of a diaper change. She smiles all the time, looks around for us when she can hear us talking and is already grabbing and holding onto things. She is such a miracle and a blessing to our family. At her 1 month check up with the CF clinic on Friday she weighed in at 7 lbs. 6 oz. and is 20.65 inches long. Which put her in the 8% for weight and 50% for height. She isn't gaining weight as quickly as they would like her to so we are going to add more formula and give her more enzymes to see if that does the trick. She will go in for weekly weigh ins for the next few weeks to make sure she is gaining. Her lungs sound great though and she has hit all of her developmental milestones so far so all of that looks good. She is still wearing newborn diapers abd is just starting to eear 0 to 3 month clothes because she's to long for tge bewborn size. Tiara really is such a blessing to our family. We soak in every single minute that we can and thank God every day for her. She makes us smile, laugh and be thankful for everything that we have. Its the most amazing thing she looks at pictures of Kael and just grins and grins. I know for sure they must have been best friends in heaven. We are so thankful for this little baby and cant wait to see what month 2 brings. Thank you so much Tiara for picking us to be your family and blessing us so much already. We love you to the moon and back!

Field Trip to Arctic Circle.

Last week I went along with Landon's class on their field trip to Arctic Circle. It was fun to take the little tour, watch the kids make their own kiddie cones and then run around wild in the play area. They all got to eat lunch there and had a great time. Little moments like this are what makes it great to be a mama!! Sure love Landon he is such a firecracker. He really melts my heart and keeps us laughing!!

Flag Football

The boys have started flag football this spring. It is so much fun to watch them play. They are LOVING it!! They are on the team Spartans and currently are 4 and 0. They do a great job at kicking, running and stealing the flags. Maybe one day one of them will make us rich off of their great skills ;0). It sure is fun watching them excel and do great things with sports!! I love being a sports mama. Its great for them and for us!!

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