Never taking one single breath for granted.... enjoying the journey one day at a time!

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Valentines day was low key this year. We got the kids presents and love notes from us , they made fun boxes for school and both boys won prizes for their creativity!! We took them on a fun dinner date then came home put them to bed and exchanged our gifts and watched a movie. Love is such a inspiring thing. I'm thankful for the love that we have in our home!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Man its been a while since I have written. So many things to update yet today I just need to write. Life is so complicated , so hard and so trying at times. So much hurt in the world. So much pain sometimes its hard to understand why. I'm trying to figure out what the lord has in store for me, trying to understand life's trials its at times like these that grief hits extra hard. The tears come more easily, the pain is closer to the surface and it is raw. It hurts, it stings as I try to wrap my head around why. I've been trying to pray ask the lord for help attempting to grasp it all and the answers don't seem to clear. I am trying to exercise patience, accept what is and move forward it is tough!! I sometimes wish I had a magic 8 ball that could give me all the answers. I guess that's not the meaning of life. So if you have a minute to spare throw up a prayer for me. I would really appreciate it. Trying to remind myself to breathe and take it one day at a time!!

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