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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Landon turns 5!!!

On the 12th of this month Landon had his birthday. This kid is smart as a whip and loves to learn and have fun! He is the best brother anyone could ask for and has the biggest, kindest heart! He is so loving and funny! He is our light and he reminds us of what is important in life! For his birthday we got him this really fun dune racer. For his special day he wanted to have Subway for lunch and to go to Liberty Park to play in the water ways. It was such a fun way to spend the afternoon! He decided on a Monsters Inc. party and lots of family and friends came to celebrate him. We are so lucky to have him in our lives. What a sweet, fun kid he is!! Our rainbow baby.. he will forever live up to that as we see life and light in him!

The rest of the family vacation

So the saddest thing happened... Daxton wiped my phone by accident a few nights ago.. some of the pictures weren't backed up yet... some of them being the rest of our vacation as well as Landon's birthday stuff... thankfully I posted a few things online so I have a few pictures left so I am just going to clump the rest of the trip together. We had a great time. We went to several parks, splash pads, this amazing children s museum and the Phoenix aquarium. We ate at some fun places that we don't have in Utah and toured the mall there which is insane. We swam a ton at the hotel pool which the kids loved and spent lots of time exploring the outdoors. It was a really fun trip one that we will hang onto for a long time to come!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Family vacation Days 1 and 2 :)

The first week of August we set out on our summer family vacation. We were headed to Phoenix for the next week because Layne was headed there for more work training but his company was generous enough to let us go along so we could be together and have some fun. Layne really is working for an amazing company these days. So Saturday we headed out for our first stop Vegas!! We made it to St. George and stopped there for dinner then headed on to our hotel in Vegas. We got there early enough to see one of the light shows at the Bellagio, meet the minions, princesses and Bumble Bee. We walked around looking at some of the  hotels for a while and then headed back to our hotel to get some rest. The next morning the hotel served us breakfast and we headed out to finish our trek. When we got in to Phoenix we found our hotel got our things unpacked and got ready for the week. The hotel Laynes work put us up in was amazing. Such a pretty hotel with a gym, pool, hot tub and full on free breakfast and dinner service and free soda, juice and milk but also cocktail hour where everyone old enough could have up to 3 free drinks a night. Seriously they didnt go cheap at all with this hotel. So we headed down to the pool this night and then out to the store to do a little shopping. It was a great way to start the vacation.

Scout Camp!!

Being the den leader in the cub scout group has it perks.. its means that I got to go to scout camp with the boys this year! We went to cub country and did the dinosaur camp and the super hero camp. The boys had so much fun going up all day for 2 days in a row, getting to have sack lunches and of course shooting guns, bow and arrows, the trading post and making things. They learned alot and were so tired by the end of each day. It was really fun that I was able to join them this year!!

Tim McGraw!!

Way back at the end of last year we found out Tim McGraw was coming! I told Layne I really wanted to go so one night he surprised me with tickets. Well over the next few months Layne got a new job and ended up needing to be out of town for a work training for 2 weeks... YIKES! No fun for us or him but it had to be done. So he told me I should still go and have fun! So I messaged my friend Lyndee who I love and have known forever to see if she wanted to go. It was such a fun girls night! They had 2 opening acts and then Tim came out. He walked on stage from the side in the audience and walked right next to us!! Oh my goodness so amazing! He put on a great show! I would defiantly go again!! A perfect night with an amazing friend!

Pioneer Day

This year the 24th was lots of fun!! I took the kids out to Bountiful for the parade, carnival and fireworks. Such a fun day to celebrate Utahs heritage. It was Tiaras first parade and she had so much fun!! Everyone thought she was adorable and gave her all kinds of swag. The boys walked away with tons of candy so everyone was happy all around! We went with my brother Travis and his family and my Dad as well. Grandpa gave the kids some money to play at the carnival so they had lots of fun! All in all it was a good 24th.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Halloween in July

The guy who does our tattoos is a big member of the Magna Chamber of Commerce. This year he hosted this huge event in Magna called Halloween in July. It was so fun for the kids they got to trick or treat, there were tons of booths and fun things for the kids to do. They had live entertainment and yummy food. At night once it was over they had a big grown up party for the adults to be able to relax. It was a really fun time. We plan on going again next year!

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