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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Its A.......................

Layne and I tossed around the idea for many a weeks about whether to find out the gender at our OB appointment which will be a in a few weeks or to go to Fetal Foto. Well.... our very much impatient selves couldn't wait and decided to make an appointment with Fetal Foto. My husbands niece had told me about this gender maker test that you can take at 6 weeks that is supposed to tell you if its a girl or a boy so we had done that already ( 2 times once at 8 weeks and once at 13 weeks) so we were really excited to see if the results were right. The test came back the same results both times. So we set up our appointment with Fetal Foto a few days before I hit 13 weeks we mostly wanted to check in on the baby and see how things were going as we are very cautious with pregnancy since having our angel Kael. We didn't think they would know the gender but thought it was fun to see. They took a good look over the baby things are looking very good so far and then the lady told us she was 85% sure she knew the gender but since we were a bit sooner than they like to call it she told us to come back in a week and a half. Last Thursday night we headed back in it is so fun to watch this little baby on screen. The baby was moving all around, waving its little hand, opening its mouth opening its hand and legs I tear up every time I see it. After about 10 mins of video they took a peek to see if their guess a week and a half ago was the same. Alas it was... I was speechless to say the least it wasn't what I had expected... and honestly I didn't believe the tech lol so she said if you'd like you can come back again on Monday which was when I hit 15 weeks just to recheck even though she was 99.9% sure so we left and I set to come back Monday at 5:30. All weekend I was restless I kept having some crazy dreams and could hardly sleep, Monday seemed to drag by but alas it was 5:00 and time to head in. I met Layne and the boys at Fetal Foto for one last peek. It didnt take any time at all for the tech to get the money shot and I knew for sure they were right... we are going to have a baby..... GIRL!!! The gender maker tests were both right as well. I just never fathomed pink and purple were in our future. We are beyond excited and still a little speechless. Landon and Daxton said all along it was a girl and Stefon was adamant he was not to have any sisters. He told us that if it was a girl he would shave her hair off and dress her like a boy... lol needless to say after we let him pick a bow for her hair he is warming up to the idea of a little sister. We are still in awe of this little life. I pray to heavenly father every day thanking him for this little life he has sent us and plead with Kael to watch over his little sister for us. I smile thinking of the two of them in heaven being best buds until it is her time to come down. I cant believe we are almost half way there already and am anxiously awaiting our OB ultrasound to get another look at our little princess. I am doing my best to take it a day a time and cherish in this time I get to keep this little baby safe. I am anxious to hold, smell and touch her but for today I will just relish in the fact she is safe and sound. I'm still pinching myself that this is my life. Another beautiful blessing on its way!!

Grandmas 80th

Last Sunday Layne's mom had her 80th birthday party. It was lots of fun to see everyone and be together. Layne's mom is such a sweet lady and does everything for everyone so it was nice for everyone else to do something for her for a change. The kids love their grandma so much and Layne and I are grateful for everything she does for us! It was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon!!!

Family Pictures 2012

A few weeks ago we headed up the canyon for our annual family pictures. It was so much fun and a perfect time of year. Still warm but the leaves were changing colors. They turned out so stinking cute! I'm excited to start working on our Christmas cards now! Here are a few of my favorites!

Giveaway Winner!!

Sorry for the delay things have been quite hectic around here! I loved doing this giveaway and loved reading every ones act of kindness. I couldn't choose one so I used random.org! The winner was #6 Andrea!! Thank you Kristen for  this opportunity to giveback and for the opportunity to read all of these acts of kindness. It certainly has made me stop to think about serving others and reminds me how one little act can go a really long way!! I will get your gift on its way soon Andrea!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A giveaway for Ruby!!

Hi friends meet sweet Ruby!! I met her mom online through the BLM community. Ruby would be 1 years old this year and her mom is doing a give away each day that she lived for. It is such a sweet thing to do. I adore Rubys mama and was happy to jump at the chance to join in. Here is a link to her blog if you'd like to read more http://warburtonblog.blogspot.com/

Here are the rules....

All you have to do is a act of kindness... it can be as big or as small as you'd like!! Leave me a comment telling me what is it you did and you are entered to win.

As part of the giveaway Ruby's mama asked that we have it be something red that reminds me of Ruby so I picked up this cozy warm scarf and some ruby red nail polish. Its so sparkly and red it reminds me of Ruby's beautiful little eyes!!

I will leave the give away open for 5 days and will announce the winner on the 19th! Please leave your email along with your good deed so that I can get ahold of you if you are the winner!

This giveaway has made me smile and also has made me stop and think to do something nice everyday for someone else. You never know when that small act of kindness will heal anothers heart!

Praying for you every day sweet Ruby! I know your flying high in heaven!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Remembering other angels

One of my biggest fears is that Kael will be forgotten! I have "met" so many other angel moms and I want them to know I will never forget their sweet angels! On Kaels angel day we wrote the names of several angel babies. So they could catch a balloon in heaven and know that they are never forgotten. I hope all of you BLM's know how much I love and appreciate each of you!! I caught a few with my camera but most I did not so I apologize but I want you to know your babies were remembered. Here is a list!! I think this covers it all. I lost my master list and my brain is a bit slow these days. But please know your angel is remembered, loved and often thought of!! The list is under the pictures!

McKenzie, Jonas, Genesis, Cara, Preslee, Pierce, Carleigh, Cora, Janessa, Meredith, Jeremy, Jenna, Peyton, Riley, Laken, Aiden, Landry, Beckett, Hope, Calypso, Charlotte, Gage, Julius, Olivia, Ellie, Kurtis, Mina, Layla, Shannon, Emma, Chase, Jordan, Owen, Madelyn, Harvey, Micah, Lily, Kennedy, Brandon, Leila, Freya, Joseph, Jack, Jonathan, Teagan, Ruby, Taleia, Hope Abigail, Caleb, Erik, Noah, Jayci, Caleb, Gabriel, Cohen, Joshua

Sunday, October 7, 2012

4 years in heaven....

Thursday Oct 4th brought 4 years since Kael left this earth and earned his wings. All though day to day has gotten easier this specific day is always a hard one. I always bring myself back to that place, hearing those words, racing home, holding his precious body knowing his spirit was no longer there, handing him over to the mortuary, sitting on the couch surrounded by people but feeling so alone, not knowing what to say I remember saying to everyone I'm so sorry I dont know what to say. Ill never forget that moment sitting in Layne's moms front room staring knowing that this was real but trying to convince myself it wasn't. What a long yet short time ago that was. 4 years I cant even imagine what it must be like in heaven for 4 beautiful years. I'm sure Kael has learned and grown so much. His special little spirit I picture him flying free. I know he watches over us and I pray to him everyday to keep us all safe. I sure love my little Kael man. From the get go we knew he was a special spirit who would change our lives forever. How much though we never knew. This year I was so torn I wasn't sure if we should have a big celebration or keep it more low key. Things have been quite hectic and I haven't been feeling my best so we decided to keep it low key. We decorated his grave, and then did a balloon release that night. We let go many balloons, we wrote him messages, wrote the names of several other angels (post on that to come soon) kissed the balloons and sent them to heaven. I felt sort of guilty not making it a bigger production but I sure hope Kael knows how much he is loved and missed. I pray that we will be good enough to reunite with him someday. Happy 4 years in heaven baby. I hope your using your wings and changing heaven. I love you to the moon and back!!

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