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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stefon starts 1st grade!!

Since Stefon started 1st grade on Wed. he just had an orientation to learn all about 1st grade since they are moving from half day to all day. Stefon was so excited to go since he got Daxtons teacher from last year. Both he and I are very happy about this because she is AMAZING! After the orientation Stefon an I went on a little date. He choose to go to Sonic and had a hot dog, fries and a milk shake... complete opposite of his brother ;). Then he also picked to go to Nicklecade to play the games and get prizes. It was alot of fun. Thursday we went to  school for his first day of  all day school to say I was nervous is a understatement. To my surprise he had a awesome day and came home all excited about what he had done and all of the friends he already had made. Such a sweet kid. I cant believe he is growing up so stinking fast. I love him so much. Hes our silly kid and is always making us laugh. Here's to hoping his 1st grade year is as great as Daxtons. Time flies by so fast!

Daxton starts 2nd grade!!

When your in year round school the summer is so stinking fast! Its nice though to have the extra breaks through out. On wed. Daxton started the 2nd grade. I cant believe I'm old enough for a cute little second grader but alas I am. He was super excited to go as alot of the same kids are in his class from 1st grade. He came home super excited about how nice his teacher is and what fun things they are going to do this year! He is growing up so quick and getting so smart each day!! I am so thankful that he is mine and that he is such a sweet boy!! Here's to a successful 2nd grade. To celebrate the day before he started we went on a little date. He choose to go to McDonald's for lunch he picked a salad with no dressing and milk... such a healthy boy I should follow his example. We then went to Nickelcade and played all the games and won some sweet prizes. It was such a fun afternoon!

July 24th...

July 24th is a special day in Utah. Its the day they celebrate the pioneers and remember all the state has gone through. Its so fun to go to the big parade, see fireworks and have fun family time. July 24th is also a date I will never forget for another reason to. July 24th 2008 is the first day that Kael came home from the hospital. It had been FOREVER that he had been in the hospital it seemed and it was so surreal to take him out of that hospital and really be bringing him home. I remember wanting to RUN out of the hospital doors. I rode in the back the whole way home making sure Kaels little head didn't fall and that he was able to breath. It was seriously one of the most AMAZING days ever! We had so many hopes, dreams and so much love that day. Oh what a day to remember. Its so surreal  now sitting on the same parade route remembering where we were 4 years ago and then heading up after the parade to pick him up. No words can explain. I am ever grateful for the time we got to have with Kael and that he did make it home for some time all though it was nothing close to long enough I am grateful that we did get some time. Such a fighter he was... Love and miss that little guy! This year we were sure to honor him we visited his grave and at the parade I wore his bracelet. I also wore the red bracelet in honor of sweet Ruby it matched my outfit just so nice. Hoping they keep each other company in heaven!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dream Walk....

A few weeks back I got a magic call from a lady from Mountain America. They had picked our soccer team to represent them at the MLS Real game last night. When they asked if we were interested I about jumped through the phone. Of course we would do it!! I got a hold of the other soccer parents who also were all very excited!! We had to be at the stadium at 7:15 game was to start at 8pm. We led the kids down to the field where they got to watch Real warm up and they got to play with the Mascot Leo the Lion. You could tell the kids were in heaven!! As the clock winded down for the game to start the players ran off the field to get the kids. As they announced the team the kids walked out hand in hand with their players Daxton walked out with number 14 Yorany Alvarez and Stefon walked out with  number 7 Fabian Espinolda. They showed the kids on the megatron and they stood on the field with the players as the national anthem was played. So stinking awesome!! Once they were done I picked the kids up and took them to their parents in the stands. We all stayed to watch the game which was awesome Real won 2-0!! Because it is Pioneer Days in Utah the stadium also did fireworks after the game which were amazing!! They played great music and did about a 20 min firework show. It was such a fun night and a experience we will never forget!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bountiful Days

Growing up in Bountiful it was always a tradition to participate in Bountiful Days. As we started having kids we decided to keep the traditions going. Yesterday was Bountiful Days. They have a big parade, carnival and then fireworks when it gets dark. We had so much fun at the parade, Landon was so cute clapping and standing up to jump up and down, Dax and Stefon loved catching the stuff that was being thrown out from the floats etc. It was really a great time. Afterwards we headed to the park for the carnival. The kids had a good time riding rides, playing games and eating cotton candy. When we were all done there we headed up the mountain to watch the fireworks. It was a perfect ending to such a fun day!

Rocky Mountain Raceway!!

Last weekend we took the boys to the rocky mountain raceway to see some races. The boys thought it was awesome and their favorite part was the train races when they would crash, watching them was hilarious they had such a good time. The next day we did some back to school shopping and also went to see Madagascar 3 and went out to dinner.I was amazed that Landon sat through the whole movie and didnt move a inch. He loved it and gobbled up all the popcorn as well.  It was such a fun weekend filled with laughs, love and memories!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sometimes... ALWAYS!!

Im linking up today with http://mackeymadness.blogspot.com/ I saw this on Ashleys blog  (http://ashleyquarles.blogspot.com/)%20and and thought it was fun and id give it a try. Dont forget Teshas link up also at http://www.teshastreasures.com/

Sometimes I wonder if people think im crazy for wanting to do so many things for Kael even though we are 3.5 years out from him passing away.. Always I will do them regardless what people think because he is our son, brother, nephew, grandson etc and I wont ever allow him to be forgotten even if it just our little family that remembers.

Sometimes I wish I could sleep for a few days in a row Always I wake up every day, get the kids ready and head out to acomplish our every day things.

Sometimes I do really well at exercising.. Always I drop off of the deep end and have to start over (I need to get much better at this anyone out there have some super motivating stuff for me to try out?)

Sometimes I wish I could sing really well.. Always instead I turn the radio up and rock out pretending I can sing :).

There are many others but I think I will save some for next week :).

Friday, July 13, 2012

Isnt he lovely??

I cant get this sweet little boy off of my mind. Its not a sad cant get off of my mind but a I am so lucky to have such an amazing little boy be part of my life kind of feeling off of my mind. How blessed we are to call him our own. How lucky we are to know he is ours. I just want to run my fingers over all of his pictures and his things, smell his smell, remember his chubby little legs, soft little cheeks, his subtle little smile and hear his little coos. Oh how I love this little guy so much.. he is amazing, he is special,he is loved! I sure hope he knows that!!

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