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Friday, April 29, 2011

Daxs big fieldtrip :)

On Wednesday the Kindergartners got to go on their field trip to the Discovery Gateway Museum. Daxton was so excited that he got to ride the bus and that I got to come!! It was such a blast! We got there and got to spend about 2.5 hours exploring the museum and letting the kids play. I was in charge of 5 kids which was a little nerve wracking seeing as there was over 100 kids there I didn't want to loose any :). It turned out great though and I was able to have a little bonding time with Daxton. He loved being able to do all the things there and explore. One of his favorite buddies Dillion was in our group so that made him so EXCITED!! It was lots of fun and I am glad I was able to go! Its so crazy that this year is almost over and that Daxton will start 1st grade next year. He has learned and grown so much this year it is outstanding!! Hes sure come a far way. I love Daxton to pieces and am so glad that hes my son!! Here are a few pics from the field trip!!

Monday, April 25, 2011


We had a good Easter I hope you all did to!! In the morning the kids woke up found their presents and went on a big Easter egg hunt! The crazy Easter bunny hid about 150 eggs at our house :). After playing with all their new stuff we got dressed and headed to the cemetery! We decorated Kaels grave for Easter and stayed while the kids played for a while and were all together for a bit. We then headed to get the drinks for our family dinner and then came home for a little quiet time. Once quiet time was over we headed to Layne's sisters house for dinner and another egg hunt for the kids. It was so insane there were probably 200+ eggs and candy all over the back yard! The kids had lots of fun with their cousins hunting for eggs. We stayed a few hours and then headed home since school restarted today the kids needed to get to bed. It was a lovely day with lots of fun and family. Watching the kids eyes light up when they see that the bunny had come and hunting for eggs is priceless. With their sweet innocence their sure joy its so amazing to watch. It helps take the sting away but it never ceases all the way. In the back of my head I'm always thinking of that amazingly sweet 4th little boy that should be running around and finding eggs, opening presents and laughing with his brothers. I can only imagine the Easter egg hunt they had in heaven!! What a sight that must be. I hope you all had an AMAZING Easter filled with love and joy!!

Stylish Blogger Award!!

I feel so happy getting this sweet blog award!! Thank you Melissa who gave it to me you can see her AMAZING work and remembering Sweet babies at her blog address http://www.inmemoryoflakenandangelfriends.blogspot.com/ she is the sweetest!! She donated blankets for Kaels drive and sent a sweet bear for his birthday!! Seriously AMAZING!!

So here are the rules you have to tell 7 things about your self and then give the award to 10 blogger friends. So here goes nothing.....................

1. I love CHOCOLATE!! Any and all kinds especially dark!! (This is not helping with my diet loss plan.)

2. I want to be a child psychologist when I grow up...( he he I guess that means when my kids are all in school)

3. I am the middle child of 7 kids

4. Im dying waiting for our cruise in July!! (Sometimes you just have to get away)

5. Im super excited for the upcoming things we have planned to honor and remember Kael

6. I am training to run a 5k on May 21st

7. I love playing the radio loud and driving down the street with the sun roof open!! ( Now if the weather would just cooperate!!)

So there you have it a few random things about myself!! So now I will award the next winners.. I love so many blogs really I do but 10 to link to is alot so I cant link to everyone! If you want to play along feel free!! So here they are

Friday, April 22, 2011

Small Miracles.

So this awesome lady by the name of Franchesca started this blog hop on the 19th of each month. This month she extended it for a week so I figured I would join in!! Its also Joyful Moments Friday on the Jones's blog so I figured why not combine the two!! For Franchesca's blog you can find her at http://www.smallbirdstudios.com/ and for the Jone's blog you can find them at http://www.joyfuljones.com/ So onto the fun now!! This week has been full of small miracles... I don't know if Kael knows I need him close alot lately or what but he has been sending so many signs!! I was at work this week and a friend of mine started instant messaging me.. she said she had a dream and she couldn't get it out of her head so she had to share it with me... she dreamt that I was crying and that a small sweet angel that looked like Kael came flying down onto my cheek and wiped away my tears..he told her that he was near and that his love for me and that him being there for me was what helped him go on and be a good messenger in heaven.... it really helped me feel him near for the rest of the day. The next day at work a sweet lady that I work with just came up to me out of the blue, gave me a hug and said I cant talk about this now but I just want you to know that Kael was lucky to have you as his mom as are your other boys... that also brought me peace since sometimes I doubt in myself that I did the best I could. Well finally today this will tie in with small miracles as well as the joyful moment we were dying Easter eggs and Daxton and Stefon both said "mom can we please dye some eggs for baby Kael I think he would like us to make him a blue and a orange one. " The are the sweetest boys!! They sure bring me joy and always when I need it the most. They still love and remember Kael which means the world to me!! I'm glad that they to always want to keep Kael a part of everything we do!! So now its your turn to tell me..... what are you small miracles and what brings you joy????? I hope you all have a happy Easter.. that you feel some peace and some joy. When we think about the real meaning of Easter the sacrifice and love it truly is an amazing thought!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

7 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday marked Layne and I's 7 year anniversary's!! What a ride its been so far. When you get married you never think about what could go wrong only the amazing things in life you'll experience. Well then REAL LIFE HAPPENS....... you find out what real love is and the hard things in life either make you stronger or break ya... Through thick and thin Layne and I have made it through it all!! He holds me up when I'm weak, makes me smile when I want to cry and holds me tight when I need that extra hug!! I love this man with all my heart. Every day brings a new love and a stronger bond!! I am so thankful for him and all that he does for me!! Since Layne usually heads up our anniversary plans I wanted to surprise him this year. I made weekend reservations up in Idaho at Lava Hot Springs. It was so much fun and so relaxing!! We spent time at the hot springs, ate tons of yummy food, took naps, chilled in our hotel room hot tub, had some yummy drinks and even did some karaoke!! He such a sweetie and dedicated a song to me ;) I love that man. To pay him back I sang a song for him to. We had a BLAST!!! We had yummy Thai food which id never had before and was actually really good!! It was fun to get away for the weekend and focus on just us!! I'm so thankful that 7 years ago I married my best friend!! Here's to many more happy, exciting, surprising fun filled years!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kaels birthday celebration/ remembering other babies in heaven!!

After Priamary Childrens it was time to head out to the cemetery! We got 36 balloons one for each month that has passed since he was born. This year I wanted to do something special to remember Kael along with his other baby friends in heaven that have gone to soon so I wrote each of their names on 1 of the 36 balloons. I had an amazing friend Amber take pcitures for us so that I could be focused just on the event. When we got to the cemetery some family members had joined us and were ready to celebrate. I gave a little speach and explained all of the babies names on the balloons and why I had written them, we thanked everyone for their love and support and then I said on the count of 3 let the balloons go and tell Kael happy birthday. It was a tender moment I was happy/sad all at the same time. So many BLMS have supported me in so many ways I just wanted to give back in my own small way. I know Kael was in heavan celebrating with each of them so why not send them a birthday balloon to. Kaels birthday was very special and I am glad that it all turned out so well. Thanks again to all of those who helped and support us. It means the world to us!!

Kael I hope you had an AMAZING birthday in heaven. Surrounded by loved ones and lots of fun parties. I hope you felt our love here and that we did enough to please you and make you happy!! I love you to the moon and back sweet boy! I cant believe youd already be 3!! Time passes by so quickly these days and yet sometimes so slow. I cant wait for the day to hold you again!! Much love always sweet boy.. to the moon and back Love mommy!!

Here is a list of the babies names on the balloons, I hope I didnt miss anyone!! Much love to you all as well!!

*McKenzie, Owen, Julius, Cara, Laken, Leila, Lily, Olivia, Mina, Chase, Emma, Madelyn, Carleigh, Jordan, Freya, Jonas, Gage, Landry, Harvey, Micah, Janessa, *Kennedy, Brandon, Riley, Peyton, Ella and Jenna!!

The Blanket Drive!........huge success!!

So Tuesday was the big day.. we gathered all the blankets and headed to Primary Children's the turn out was AMAZING!! We had a total of 382 blankets!! Yes you read that right 382!!! We also got 30 stuffed animals brand new that we were able to take up as well!! I am so grateful and humble by all the support and love we received for this drive! What a great thing to do in honor of Kael!! When we got there we had to take 2 big carts plus some being carried to get them all in! While I was filling out the paper for the donation a lady walked up and asked the volunteer there if thy were giving them away.. she said not right now and the lady looked so defeated. The volunteer then proceeded to talk to the lady, she walked over to me and asked if it would be ok to give a blanket to the lady I of course said YES!! That's why we brought them. We found out from the lady is was a 3 year old girl in need of a blanket. I picked one out and handed it over to the mom. She proceeded to let me know she was from Vegas her daughter had been hit by a car and rushed to PCMC they came with no blankets, coats really anything. Her little girl is in the ICU now having seizures from the brain trauma. I was so glad we were there at the right time. What a blessing to be able to see all of our hard work pay off already! I cried knowing the pain that poor family is now going through I hope that the blanket helps them in some small way. After we took pictures the lady asked Layne to help her get all the blankets downstairs because they were so heavy. He of course said yes and helped take them down. What an amazing thing we were able to do in Kaels honor. I can only hope that many more benefit from this AMAZING CAUSE!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We could have never done it with out you!!! Now I need to start on something for next year ;0) Ill keep you all posted!!

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