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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Picture of the day and also a day of hope.

My picture today is not one that I actually took but I think its amazing. I found out about this Day of Hope a little to late this year to do anything but next year I will for sure be donating!! What a great thing to do to try and comfort another family that has just lost a baby. I think this idea is simply amazing! I love the picture and this website. Check it out for more information. Thinking of you lots today Kael and sending you much love. I keep the hope alive to keep your legacy going. I want to do good in your name. I hope I do enough to make you proud that I'm your mommy!! Sending love to all of our sweet angel babies in heaven and to all you mamas lots of love to you today as well!!


Holly said...

Remembering today with you ♥

Jill said...

Remembering with you as well...

The Hammonds said...

Looks and sounds like you really had an amazing trip!

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