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Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 25 and Daxtons first day of Kindergarten

Ok so I am combining these because my picture of day 25 is of course of this huge milestone in Daxtons life. I cant believe he is really in Kindergarten... holy crap where does the time go? He was so excited and brave to go to class. He got up and ate breakfast picked out his own outfit and wanted to do his own hair. He let me take a few pictures than off to school we went. I could tell once we got to the school he was getting a bit nervous. He started squeezing my hand a little bit harder then the bell rang. His teacher came out to get the kids and he eased up. He got in line after the boys and gave me a hug and a kiss. I told him to have a good day and he blew me a kiss goodbye. I was so much wimpier than him. I teared up a little bit and watched him go into the building. My baby is getting all grown up. He is so smart and I know hell do great at school. I am feeling so old these days with him starting school it just doesn't seem real. I love that boy with my whole heart!! I cant wait to go pick him up and see how school went!! Enjoy the pics from today.


Eliza said...

Congratulations to Daxton! What a big boy. I'd be like you, getting teary eyed and sentimental.

Andrea said...

Yeah! I didn't know that Daxton and Gavin were the same age. That is awesome!! Like you our first day of kindergarten is tomorrow. Scared and amazed that I will only have one at home for a little while. So happy to be hitting these milestones. :) Hope he had fun!

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