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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kaels Christmas!!

Its hard to believe another Christmas has passed with out Kael. This was the 3rd year we have been missing someone. I was a bit of a wreck on a few occasions but did my best to hold it together. I sure miss that little boy. His big brown eyes, the smile we got to see  on a few occasions and the sweet spirit he had. It was so strong, there was no way he wasn't a angel. We decorated his grave as a family and talked about the times while he was here, the boys were eager to help decorate it and were so cute wishing him a Merry Christmas, blowing him kisses and telling him they missed him. I got the idea to write letters to Kael in his stocking which was such a great idea! Kael got about 20 letters or pictures from friends and family alike. It was so nice reading them Christmas night and knowing that Kael is not forgotten. That is one of my biggest fears.. that others will forget. The letters helped me to know that is not the case and that others do think of him! They were so sweet and especially written for him! One of the greatest gifts I got this year was a friend of mine from work went to the festival of Trees and bought a center piece to give to us for Christmas this year. It is beautiful and it reminds me of Kael. In Santa's sleigh it has a little dog which I'm sure Kael would love if he were still here. It meant so much to me she thought of us and did this for our family! The gift of her remembering and also that she would donate to such a amazing hospital in honor of Kael warmed my heart! I hope Christmas in heaven was a blast Kael. I picture Kael hugging Jesus on his birthday.. what a sight that must be. Im sure there was music and lots of angels surrounding. I will do better each day to do my best so one day we can all be together again!! Mommy loves you sweet boy! I hope you had a Merry Christmas and that you felt our love from down here on earth!

Merry Christmas!!!!

YIKES I am so far behind! Things have been hectic, happy, sad, up downs and all arounds but I can finally write about Christmas!! YAHOO! Christmas Eve we go with Laynes family to his Aunt Kays house, we all get together for a big yummy dinner, exchange presents, chat, play games its always a great time!! When we got home the elves had left their Christmas Jammies and cougar pillow pets. The kids were so excited!! We made reindeer food and they spread it outside so the reindeer could see to stop and then we put out cookies and milk for santa. Then Layne read the boys Twas the Night Before Christmas and the kids headed to bed.  Christmas morning we woke up (the boys woke up a few times 3am, 5 am then finally at 7 we let them get up to open their presents.) Its so much fun to watch them get so stinking excited! With every present their eyes light up and their reactions are priceless. They were very blessed this year!! Layne and I then open our presents and boy was I surprised.. Layne had gotten me a new camera. Mine was lost the day of Kaels angelversarry this year. I had it in a bag in my car after going to the cemetery and it dropped out of the van. I was devasated we went back to get it the bag was there but the camera was gone.. thank goodness most of my pics were already saved on the computer!! I was so happy to get a new camera and had no idea I was getting it. I am a picture freak so it meant alot! Both Layne and I were also very blessed! After presents were done we all got ready to go to Laynes moms house for breakfast. This one is a bit smaller than the night before. My mom and dad come and one of Laynes sisters and her hubby and 1 cousin comes to this its really fun and so much less chaotic. The food once again is delicious and then my kids got spoiled some more with all of the presents there for them. We stayed for a few hours, then headed out to visit Kael at his grave. It was so warm that day that we stayed for a while. It was nice to be able to visit boy how I miss that little guy! When we left there we headed home for a nap, and then lots of family came over through out the rest of the day to visit and see what we had all gotten. Once it had died down we read the letters that had been written to Kael. It was such a special part of the day! I cant wait to make it a yearly tradition. More about it later :) . It was a very blessed Christmas. I spent lots of the day thinking of the true meaning of Christmas and how I need to be a better person. 2012 will bring with it lots of new opportunities. I hope your Christmas was blessed as well!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Celebrating a special angel...

Last night I was honored to celebrate a special angel. Yesterday marked 2 years since McKenzie returned to heaven. We love her sweet parents so much! Kendra did a great job celebrating the life of her daughter. We lets tons and tons of balloons go, 24 lanterns go to represent the amount of months that have gone by and then afterwards they went to Ryan's parents house to eat, watch McKenzie's video and wrap presents for the families they kindly adopted for Christmas. This family has the heart of gold. They do anything the can to help others in need. They are a fine example to me and help me to want to be a better person. They are so kind and never think of themselves. I'm lucky to have met them. The night was beautiful and on the drive home Daxton told me he thought that McKenzie and Kael were in heaven together making the snow. It sure put a smile on my face. I often picture them in heaven together. I bet their having the time of their lives. Playing care free and watching over us down here on earth. I cant wait for the day when we get to see them again!! We sure love and miss you guys!! Thanks for the invite and a amazing evening!!

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