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Thursday, April 30, 2015

11 years of LOVE!!

April 17th Layne and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary! It seems we have been through it all highs, lows, in betweens. Kids, moving, cars, jobs, family, hospitals, deaths, not always seeing eye to eye yet hanging onto that love we've had for so long. 11 years haven't always been easy but they have always been worth it. The hard times in the end bring is closer together and the great times remind us the why's that we do it. I'm lucky to have this man by my side!! For our anniversary Layne had this sweet weekend all planned out. We started Thursday night by Layne giving me this blown up family picture in a beautiful frame thag he had made i wasamazed it is beautiful!! Then going to dinner at a yummy italin place we split the yummiest pizza, bread and salad. Then we headed over to see furious 7. What a great show!! Friday we woke up got the kiddos to school and the littles to the babysitter and headed out on a nice motorcycle ride. Layne's gift from me was a motorcycle to replace his that his friend had wrecked last year. We had a great ride for a few hours and picked up some helmets for us,  and then headed to lunch. Layne took me down to Provo to this lovely little lunch spot. There he gave me my second present he had fixed my broken wedding ring that had been cut off when I broke my arm last Jan but not only that he got me a new beautiful wedding ring as well. I was shocked! I had no idea he was doing that!! We had a yummy lunch then headed back ip norrh to go see mall cop 2 which was hillarious then home to pack our bags. He got us a hotel up in Ogden where he took me to Olive Garden and then dancing for the night. The next morning we woke up and headed to a little town to a place called Crystal Hot Springs. It was beautiful weather and the pools were amazing!! They had 8 hot pools all difd temps. We relaxed there for a few hours. It was amazing!! He also bought me 2 new swim suits for the pools and I got him a chain bracelet and necklace. We had bemreakfast at this little family owned restaurant that was delicious!! We headed back home to veg on the couch and watch a dew red box movies. Sunday we took another ride on the motorcycle it was warmer so it was so nice!!! We are at IHOP then drove around for hours. It was such a beautiful , fun relaxing weekend that helped us rekindle our love and give us a little peace and quiey before we got the kids back Sunday night. What a beautiful time we had!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Pinewood Derby

This year the pinewood derby was so much fun!!! Daxton and Stefon both got to participate.  Layne was so great helping them to make their cars and getting them ready to race!! They both did great out of 24 kids Daxton took 3rd and Stefon took 5th. They were both so excited and happy. Such a fun learning and bonding experience!! It was fun for us to watch as a family and Tiara and Landon got to make cardboard box cars which was a lot of fun!!! Daxton also earned his bear patch which is a huge accomplisment in scouting!! Love these boys so much!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The day you turned 7.

We celebrated Kaels birthday Sunday April 12th. Its always such a rush of emotions leading up to the day. The memories the feelings the emotions they seem to flood up and cause so many emotions I'm usually a hot mess. On Kaels bday we donated for the 6th year now blankets and stuffed animals to primary children's we had a great turn out this year it is always such a honor to donate in his name thanks a million to all those you donated again this year! Our totals were 223 blankets and 259 animals. I smile thinking about the joy on the fact of those sick kiddos who receive them!!! Once we were done there we headed out to visit Kael and decorate his grave! When it was time to leave and head to the party Tiara said but I want Kael to come... Bless her heart!!! We headed out to Layne's moms house for cupcakes and balloons. Its always fun to see what the kids write to send off!! Then we headed  out as a family to dinner. I always struggle with who to include what we should do, trying to make everything perfect. I pray that Kael knows how much we love him and how hard we try to include and celebrate him. Regardless of what happens we will never forget. Happy Birthday sweet boy!!! I hope it was amazing!!!
It was pretty special to later in the day Layne's sweet aunt,uncle and cousin sent us pics of cupcakes and candles to remember him , my awesome friend Lyndee also gave us this amazing gift with such a beautiful saying... It means the world to us! Thank you so much!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hippity hoppity Easter!!!

I sure love Easterband the true meaning behind it!! We've been trying to teach the kids more about its real meaning. He died for us so we may live again!! How wonderful!! We did lots of celebrating this year. The kids came to a egg hunt at mybwoek, my mom threw back party at the park with hidden eggs all over and lunch , Easter morning the bunny came he dillwd the

kids baskets wuth treats, toys and theb pass of all passes so we can have lots of fun this summer and hid eggs all over the house, and we dyer easter eggs, and we ended our celebrations with Layne's family with Easter dinner and another egg hunt. It was such a fun time. Lots of fun was had and lots of love was felt!!! We are so blessed.

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