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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Toy Run!!!

With the uglies (the guys Layne hangs out with) we were able to participate in their annual toy run. It was such am amazing event to be part of!!! We met at the Harley ik SLC and filled a moving truck full of toys. We all ran in a precesion line and headed to children's hospital. Once we got there we met a few families from the hospital and filled carts full of toys and thousands of dollars donated to the hospital. One of the ways they raised money was by raffeling off a brand new Harley. Because Tiara spends so much time at the hospital she got to pick the winning ticket!!!  Afterwards we went inside to visit a few kids inpatient one of which has cystic fibrosis like Tiara. I loved being able to take the kids to such a awesome event and see the importance of giving!!! What a beautiful day spent with family and friends!!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Tim McGraw

It's no surprise that I have a love for Him McGraws music! Seriously he is one of my faves!!! I was lucky enough to be able to go see him in concert again this year! This year we went with friends and Layne even came along. We all had such a great time!! Tim never seizes to amaze me!!! Such a talented person. I'm so thankful I was able to go!!!

Labor Day!!

We wanted to celebrate big this labor day since Tiara was out of the hospital and we were all together again! We headed up to park city for Oktoberfest itvwas beautiful and so much fun. We walked around , ate yummy food the kids got to participate in the chicken dance game, we rode the tram. Once we were done there we decided to hit up seven peaks one more time before it closed for the season. Afterwards we headed home and had a yummy BBQ. It was such a fun , beautiful family day!!! We were so blessed to all be together and healthy again!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cystic Fibrosis MRSA clean out!!

Tiara cultured MRSA the first part of July. We did a 4 week round of antibiotics at home trying to clear it out and did a full bleach of the whole house... It still didn't kick it. So the last week of August we headed up to Primary Children's for a 2 week stay. Seriously I was dreading it as Tiara is 2.5 mobile and pretty clear about what she wants. The fist day up there she was sedated and got he PICC line placed, they started her on all her meds she got iv antibiotics 3 different kinds every 4 hours she was hooked up a majority of the time. She had a scary allergic reactions to one of the meds so we had to switch that one out. It's always so scary to leave your child with complete strangers to go under in surgery thankfully the doctors and nurses are so amazing. So for 2 weeks we were in patient lots of singing, reading books , playing games, painitng nails, doing art projects and playing hospital Bingo. We were so blessed to have many visitors, people sent balloons cards gifts and sent love and prayers we are so lucky to be surrounded by amazing people!! A million thank yous would never be enough! People brought food, kept the boys, filled in at work etc. We are so blessed! Her first culture after the hospital came back clean we go in 2 weeks for a second culture. Praying that it is gone for sure. Tiara was so excited to go home and hee brothers were equally excited to have her back!! Praying for no more stays for a very long time!

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