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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Daxton turns 7!!!

Holy smokes!! Where has the time gone? I cant believe that 7 years ago today I became a mom! Time sure has flown by!! I remember being pregnant with Daxton he was supposed to be born on my birthday that was his due date but he must not have wanted to share a birthday because he decided to stay in there 6 EXTRA DAYS!! I remember crying thinking he was never going to come lol... now Im begging him to stop growing!! He just laughs at me and tells me he likes growing up!! Daxton is so kind, his heart is bigger than most kids I know. He is always worried about everyone else and is so kind to everyone!! He is so smart and has learned so much in 1st grade this year. It amazes me how far he has come! He is funny, calm and the best biggest brother a little brother could ask for. Hes always helping his brothers and including them on everything! I was so lucky to get Daxton 1st he was such a good baby and so easy all the time. He potty trained by the time he was 18 months old and has always been so easy going!! I love this kid so much and am so lucky he is mine!! On Friday Daxton had his party. He invited lots of friends, cousins, grandparents, aunt and uncles this house was one full house! Daxton has so many people who love and adore him! He decided he wanted a Mario party so that's what we did. We decorated in red and blue, had Mario invitations, Mario party boxes for the guests a Mario cake and a Mario and a Luigi pinata! The party was so much fun!! Daxton invited his cousins who came to sleep over as well which was lots of fun!! Saturday after all the kids had gone home we dropped Stefon and Landon off at grandam's and took Daxton on his special birthday date. Daxton picked to go to Fat Cats where we played glow in the dark mini-golf, bowled and played arcades. Daxton won at golf, I won at bowling, Layne beat Daxton at air hockey and Dax kicked my butt at air hockey. The 3 of us won 987 tickets so Dax was able to get lots of prizes! Then we headed to Walmart where Daxton picked a prize. He picked a Mario and Luigi game for his DS. It was such a fun afternoon! Once we were done we went and picked the other kids up and went to Bountiful to meet up with my dad for dinner. He took us to Applesbees which was super yummy!! It was a awesome day. Today Layne left for a week long training in California for his work so im letting Daxton lead the way for what we do, so far we've jumped on the trampoline, watched movies, played squinkies and beyblades I cant wait to see whats next :). I love birthdays for my kids and love to make them special. I hope he feels as special on his birthday as I did the day he was born. I feel extra special to be his mom!! Happy birthday Daxton! I love you to the moon and back and am so happy that you picked us to be your family!!


Tesha said...

Happy birthday Daxton!!!!! He sounds like such a wonderful little boy, you are truly blessed :) I love his party pictures how fun, he will treasure those forever! My kids love to look back on party pictures. 7 to 11 are the best years :)

Elizabeth said...

Jacob (4) said "wow, look at that Mario party! I want to go there!" :) Joining you from Tesha's treasures...what a beautiful family you have.

The Hammonds said...

Cant believe he is 7! They are all growing up way too fast! Looks like he had a blast and got spoiled!

Alesha said...

7 is crazy! I feel so old each birthday my kids have! More than my own! HA Looks like such a fun birthday! I love that you let him call the shots all day!

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