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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


May is a busy month for us in regards to birthdays. Laynes was on Sunday mine was yesterday and Daxs will be this next Sunday! Needless to say we have lots of celebrating going on around here!!

Laynes birthday was a mixture of bday plus mothers day. He was such a good sport! He is so loving and giving and wants to make sure everyone else is taken care of first. Layne turned the big 34 this year!! He tells me he is getting old but I would have to disagree!! Hes still very much young and awesome daddy!! He works super hard to make sure that we are all taken good care of!!

My birthday was a great day I cant believe I am 28!!  Spent all day with the kiddos until Layne got off of work and then we had family time! Stefon and I went on a little date because he had his Kindergarten testing that he had to do yesterday. He aced the test so he picked to go to Arctic Circle for lunch and then to the dollar store to get some prizes! He loves the dollar store!! When Layne got home he brought home sushi which is my favorite and my friend brought over an ice cream cake!! It was super cute in the shape of a purse!

All in all both bdays were great. Its crazy we are one year older!! Heres to another great year!!! Now on to planning for Daxtons big party :0)


Tesha said...

How fun I LOVE birthdays! That purse cake is Awesome :) I love pink, I am sure you can tell by my blog LOL. 28 is a great year, I pray you will be soooo blessed! What a sweet date for you and Stefon :)

Alesha said...

Oh how cute is that cake?!? We are the same way. We celebrate all 5 of our birthdays, mothers day and fathers day in about 7 weeks. Intense! Who knew we are the same age? What high school did you go to?

Shauna said...

Brigette--is your birthday on the 14th? If it is, mine is the same day--though I wish I had turned your age instead of mine 41. HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY!!!!

Jennie said...

Happy Birthday to all of you!! Love the cake, and the fact that it is an ice cream cake, even better! I hope this year is a great one!

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