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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Todays Thankfuls...

Have I ever told you how thankful I am for music? It can be so healing and powerful. Certain songs remind me of each of my kids, remind me of our wedding day, our funny songs, our dancing songs. Recently I have had a few friends send me this link to a beautiful you tube video Beautiful Heartbreak it is one of those powerful words, beautiful songs oh how I love it. There are also songs that sting when I hear them but I cant listen to them enough. Overall I just love music!! I am also thankful for this blog and having the ability to read other blogs. Meeting all of the amazing people I have and having that additional support has meant so much! Your comments make me so happy I love that people will take time out of their day to read my blog. You all are AMAZING! I'm sure thankful for my cell phone which I feel like I would go crazy with out... I know its insane but it allows me to check in whenever I need to and talk to people I haven't in a very long time!! I cant believe Thanksgiving is already almost here... can you believe it? Have you been keeping your thankful list? I'm sure glad I have been its kept me grounded and reminds me amongst the hard and sad times I have plenty to be thankful for!! Click this link to hear the amazing song Beautiful Heartbreak by Hillary Weeks you wont be sorry you clicked on it.. its AMAZING!!


Jennie said...

I found this song about a month ago, it is a beautiful song. I love all of Hilary Weeks' stuff. It is amazing the range of emotions that music can bring out in people.

Ashley said...

I love the song, I don't look at what I am going through that way...yet, if ever...but its a wonderful song. Glad that music touches you, it definitely does something to me as well.

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