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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Golden Sky Blogfest!!

Hi friends!! I had a sweet lady comment on my blog a while back about a blogfest that she was doing to honor her son who would be 9 years old today. He passed away and his mom is doing a great thing in his honor. So on today the day which is Prematurity Awareness Day I am writing this post to honor him as well as my sweet Kael.  Oh how that sweet boy changed my life. We have many memories together and I cherish them all!! I wouldnt trade 1 of them for anything. The one memory that makes me smile the most is when we were able to bring Kael home for the first time. I was so excited to get him out of the hospital. Walking through the hospital doors to bring him home was so surreal! I remember sitting in back the whole way home excited and scared to death at the same time. July 24th, 2008. Seeing his little face knowing he was ours and that wed finally be home all together was AMAZING! Kael was born at 34 weeks he was so little yet perfect. He had almost doubled his size by the time his 4 months in the hospital were over. I used to joke with the nurses that hed walk out of the hospital by the time he was done in the NICU. I so appreciate every doctor, nurse, therapist, voulnteer who helped us on our journey. What they did for Kael and our family was out of this world. They became like family to us! I sure love that little boy and miss him like crazy 5 months and 3 weeks just wasnt enough. Can you imagine all of the things wed be doing now? I read on another BLM's blog yesterday that the day her son passed away she was happy for him yet so sad for her... that rings so true for me! Im glad that Kael is no longer in pain, that now he runs, jumps and flies free with out all of those tubes, pain and misery I just wish it was easier on us that are left behind. Our hearts are broken apart and we are slowly trying to build them back together. One day at a time some times one minute to the next. What a journey we are on but I wouldnt ever change not having Kael he has taught me things Id never of learned on my own I am sure. With that being said... Happy Prematurity day to all those family out there with children in heaven, children with disabilites, and children who were born to early but pulled through. What a journey you have all been. Thank you for your love, lessons and sharing your lives with me!!!

Im posting a link below to the blog hop... I sure hope it works Im not very good at this link up thing... but Ill give it my best shot :)

http://ecwrites.com" target="_blank">EC Writeshttp://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c186/Elisabeth83/blbutton2.jpg" width="200" />EC Writes


aliciamarie911 said...

Your little Kael is so precious. It's never fair to loose a child so young, or at all! Thank yo for posting your memories for us to read. :)

mom2natnkatncj said...

What a sweet little boy. Thanks for sharing him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this story - and sharing Elisa's wonderful book!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. I am certain that he is smiling down watching his sweet little family and protecting you.

Pat Hatt said...

link looks like it worked fine, even if you aren't very good..hahaha...truly touching post, wonderful looking family you have too.

Ryan*Kendra*Kenz said...

Soo amazing! Kael is such a hero. I am so glad I know you Bridgette and through you I can know Kael.

Susan Kane said...

Such a heart wrenching story, but your rejoicing lifts the heart. Someday, I will get to meet him.

Lisa Ladrido said...

You are such a strong woman. I am sorry for your loss, little Kael is a precious angel now. Your tribute was written beautifully. Thank you for sharing in the blogfest. Lisa

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

Kael is darling. I'm so glad you have sweet memories of him. You are so strong.

Thanks for your support.

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