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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kaels Halloween

Yesterday we headed out to Kaels grave to deck it out for Halloween. We had witches, pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons flowers and a puppy dog to add in. Each boy put something on and helped to make it "perfect" as they call it. Our little cousin Aiden got a pumpkin to add and wrote a little note on it as well. We sat for a while and chatted as it was a beautiful day!! Landon kissed the puppy several times before we could leave and kissed the headstone as well. This is something that hes been doing each time we go for a while now. I love it!! The other day he saw a picture on my phone of Kael and with out hesitation he said baby Kael hes happy... oh how I hope hes right!! I'm glad we live close enough to decorate. It does my heart some good to know that I can still do "things" for him. Even though their not the things id like to be doing. Happy Halloween Kael I hope it was an amazing one in heaven!


Ashley said...

Love the decorations! Don't you just love when your kids say something so sweet about Kael!

KnottedFingers said...

It's gorgeous. Decorating for the holidays is one of the few things left we can do for our angels <3 <3

Alesha said...

I so agree, it is one of the things you feel you can actually do for them! It looks great!

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