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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful Part 2....

Today I am thankful for many things. Ill list some since I am a few days behind from the last time I posted about thankful! I'm thankful for a job that allows me to be a huge part in my kids lives still, I never miss a party, parent teacher conference, first day, program etc. It means alot that I have that flexibility. I am thankful that my kids are such good friends. Daxton and Stefon love each other so much they ask to share a room the other night I went to check on them and they were sound asleep in the same bed cuddled right up next to each other. They are the best buds and I love it. I am thankful that we have enough money to care for their needs they never go with out food, shoes, clothes toys etc. They are able to play sports and have fun parties with friends. I am thankful that I have good enough health to be a big part in their sports, classes etc. I am thankful for good friends, the ones who have stuck by me through the good and the bad when you go through tragedy you really find out who your friends are. I am so thankful for blogs. I have met some AMAZING people though blog land it had helped me through some dark times. I am thankful for my marriage. The good, the bad it has made us such strong people. I love my hubby more than I can explain. As weird as it sounds I am thankful for cemeteries. I love that I have a place to go to "be" with Kael, thankful that I can decorate it and still make him apart of things and thankful that my kids still remember, talk and want to do things for Kael. There are many more things. I will save them for my next list. Its great to sit back and remember what I am thankful for. So many good things to be happy about!


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