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Friday, October 7, 2011

Kaels angel day celebration.

Tuesday was a day spent honoring Kael. The older 2 boys had school and Layne had to work so part of it was just Landon and I. I watched Kaels movie a few times, went through his box of things, went and decorated his grave and cuddled with my Kael pillow for a while. When Layne got off of work we went over to his moms house and had family over and did a big balloon launch. We had treats after and reminisced about Kael. It was a nice day I fought through lots of tears, the knot in the back of my throat and only lost my composure about 3 times ;0). When we got home that night and got the boys in bed Layne and I talked for a real long time. We sure miss you Kael. Daddy even cried which is far a few in between which totally breaks my heart. I wish I could take away all of his pain. Id rather shield it all on my own. I hate that dad and your brothers know this pain I wish it could be easier but we just work through it. On some of your balloons we wrote the names of babies gone to soon 48 names which I will write below. Its sad Ive met so many BLM's and families in the same boat. It breaks my heart so many know it. What great friendships I've made and what strong, great people I've met. I am a better person for knowing these people. They teach me to be stronger, kinder more giving and patient. I love each of them and hold a special place for them in my heart. I hope you felt loved on your special angel day! We kissed your balloons I hope you caught them and felt our love!! I miss you like crazy and would give the world to have you back. I know that you are in a better place through and try to dream of the heaven you are in. Hug those other babies in heaven and family that's there that we love and miss to. You are my shining star sweet boy!! Hugs and kisses love always mommy!!

Babies remembered:

McKenzie, Jonas, Genesis, Cara, Preslee, Pierce, Carleigh, Cora, Janessa, Meredith, Jeremy, Jenna, Peyton, Riley, Laken, Aiden, Landry, Beckett, Hope, Calypso, Charlotte, Gage, Julius, Olivia, Ellie, Kurtis, Mina, Layla, Shannon, Emma, Chase, Jordan, Owen, Madelyn, Harvey, Micah, Lily, Kennedy, Brandon, Leila, Freya, Joseph, Jack


crystal said...

It's so sad that so many have to face the reality of not having their babies anymore. My heart breaks for them. I didn't realize so many people have had miscarriages, stillborns, SIDS, SMA, SMARDS, etc to take the lives of their children until I started blogging. There are so many of us :( I know that Kael is so proud of you guys for sharing his story and love with others :)

Mary said...

Thank you so much for taking a moment out of this hard day to write the name of all the other babies. It warms my heart to see Gage...especially next to Julius because I just know those two are the best of friends in Heaven. I know how hard these anniversaries are. It's all so unfair. Gage would be 3 next week so I will be having a very similar blog post soon. You have a beautiful family. Love to you.

Sarita Boyette said...

Thank you for remembering Meredith on Kael's day - it means a lot! I am so happy that your family and friends gather with you to remember your sweet baby boy. I know this day was hard and I am thankful for every memory that you and your family made with Kael. I mailed your Willow Tree on Thursday - hope it gives you a smile when you get it. xoxo

Ashley said...

Thank you for remembering Beckett. I think of you and your sweet baby Kael all the time. It looks like you truly remembered him on his angel day.

Life Without You said...

So beautiful i love to read your blog is just so beautiful thinking of you and your family

April said...

Oh what a beautiful day to celebrate your precious little boy... thinking of you with a tender heart as you miss him every day. xo!

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