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Sunday, July 24, 2011

There not all sad memories...

So I'm taking a short break with cruise pictures to write this post today... its seems as though almost every time I write here about Kael its sad, missing memories and I don't want it to be that way... We have lots of great memories to so today I want to share one... 3 years ago today was the first time we were able to bring Kael home.. we were so ready, so excited for that day. Layne and I had "slept in" the night before to make sure we knew everything as far as meds, feedings, tube changings etc. It was hard but so, so worth it. That morning in Utah was the Day of 47 parade. Utah celebrates our state Holiday every 24th of July to remember how we got here and to thank the pioneers for all that they did. We took the boys that morning and went with a lot of family members to see the parade. I was so excited telling everyone that we would be bringing Kael home later that day. They all asked if I was scared to take him home on oxygen, having to give him meds every few hours and feeding him through the g-tube.. I didn't care. Id do whatever it took. Of course I was a bit scared but I was out of my mind excited that we would finally all be a family under one roof. Layne got off work and we got Kael discharged about 5 pm. It felt so unreal, walking though those doors, taking out little man home. We were both beyond excited. We got home and the boys were ecstatic!! Their baby brother was finally home. They were so gentle, so loving just constantly wanting to be at his side. Kael was a trooper, he fought hard through it all. He let the boys rock him in his chair, sing him songs show him their toys. It was amazing. Everything was so happy, calm and the very best it could be!! I cherish those times we got to have you home little fighter! It was amazing bonding time for all of us and I wouldn't have traded it for the world. Was it hard with tubes, and oxygen, and changing dressings, and meds... yes it was but it was all worth it and Id do it over a million times if I could have. Thank you for fighting so hard little man!! It was a struggle to live and breath but you did it. You fought hard and you made it possible to spend well needed and wanted time with your family. I love you so much and am so proud of you!! Hoping and praying that you are being well loved on and taken care of in heaven. You have lots of family up there. I hope they give you tons of hugs and kisses and that they play with your balloons when we send them up. Always loving and missing you sweet boy!!! Hugs and kisses mama!!


crystal said...

This is so sweet. You still made me cry. Praying for you guys and I hope that you have enjoyed your vacation:)

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