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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cruise Day 7 and 8

Day 7 of the cruise we sailed into Victoria BC Canada. It was so green and the buildings were amazing!! We got our passports stamped and headed out on the town for 6 hours. We did some sight seeing and went to a few locals restaurants and pubs to check them out. The people there were so friendly and kind. They chatted with us and gave us some good pointers. We were there at night and they light the whole town hall building with lights it was so pretty!! When we got back on we sailed back towards Washington this would be our last night on the boat. When we ported the next morning we got had out last final yummy breakfast and waited for our numbers to be called to disembark the ship. We got down to customs got our things checked and headed to the curb for our ride back to the airport. This time we had a stretch black limo. It was so nice inside and we had a smooth ride back to the airport. It was weird when we got there the airport was doing a terrorist attack drill so there were police, swat and firemen there, security guards and pretend injured people. Luckily we got a heads up so we weren't so freaked out!! It was crazy to see whatd it have looked like. We got all checked in and headed to get some lunch while we waited. We made it back to Salt Lake just in time to head out to pick up the boys and head to Wyoming for the weekend. That'll be my next post. It was a beautiful, amazing trip. I'm so thankful to my dad for taking us and giving us that experience. What a time of a lifetime! Ill never forget our week. It was a blast!!


Anonymous said...

Looks amd soumds like it was amazing!!!!!

Ashley H

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