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Friday, July 22, 2011

Cruise Day 3 and 4

On day 3 we had our first port we stopped in Juneau Alaska. It is so pretty there!! We had an excursion to go on row boats around a beautiful island and then stop to have a tour of the forest up there and a yummy salmon, clam chowder lunch. It was gorgeous!! We save bear caves, the state flower, eagles and HUGE trees that had been there for years. The row boats were fun and worked out our arms. It was a blast. When we were done up the mountains we headed back to town to do some souvenir shopping. There were tons of little stores with lots of fun stuff!! We grabbed a bite to eat at the stand outside of the ship because they had caribou hot dogs... now believe me I was skeptical at first but turns out they were so yummy!!!! We got back on the boat and headed out. Day 4 our port was in Ketchikan Alaska, super pretty there to. Now I expected to FREEZE there since this is Alaska but we ended up with the nicest weather it was 75-80 everyday, everyone kept telling us it was the best weather they'd had all year. It was sunny and warm I got fried!! It was worth it though. Our excursion at this stop was to go to a place called Salmon Lake/ Caribou crossing. We took a bus there and had a delicious dinner, they cooked salmon on the grill, had tons of salads, corn bread, yummy blueberry cake and we got to roast marshmallow's. There was the most amazing waterfall there it was beautiful Layne got a picture of it and caught a rainbow in the picture ( it made my day) there was also fishing for gold and a gold/sliver mine that we got to see. It was such a fun day and excursion. Of course we had to tourist shop there to and we found lots of fun things to bring back to the boys.


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