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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cruise day 5 and 6

So back to the cruise posts :). Day 5 we went to Skagway Alaska while we were there our excursion took us into Yukon Canada. Both places were so pretty. While up in Yukon we went to a dog sled camp where they train for the 15 days dog sled races. It was amazing to see all that they had up there and the vigorous training they go through. Since its summer up there, there isn't any snow but the hook the dog sled team up to a normal sled and give you a 30 min ride around their camp and the in the mountains. It was so much fun!! We were pulled by a team of 10 dogs. We did lots of sight seeing and shopping up there as well and my dad even won 100.00 shopping spree in one of the stores. It was pretty cool. He bought all of the grand kids tee shirts that say "someone who loves me very much went all of the way to Alaska to get me these shirts." So stinking cute!! I wrote Kaels name on a wall on the highway which separates Canada and Alaska. I wanted to make sure to get his initials in both places we visited. He along with the other boys occupied lots of time in my little head while we were away. The sites were beautiful!! They scenery amazing it was a great stop!! Day 6 we were at sea again all day this means it was the second formal night. So much fun again. Since we were getting close to the end of the cruise they did a huge dinner celebration and all of the waiters did a dessert extravaganza they had what was called Alaskan Bake which was dessert on fire it was so yummy!! They walked all around the restaurant singing a song, holding the dessert and thanking everyone for coming. During the day we laid by the pool, watched a ice carver carve a bear out of 1 chunk of ice, hung in the hot tubs and sauna, ate way to much food ;0) took a long needed nap, sang karaoke that night, had a huge dessert buffet with 2 chocolate fountains, all the fruit you can imagine, cakes, pastries you name it, it was there. We also watched 2 movies while on the boat Rabbit Hole which I loved and connected with so well and then one about Abraham Lincoln's assignation and trial for the people I really enjoyed it as well. Sea day was fun and relaxing. It was crazy how much you could do. Also a few days prior I forgot while at sea getting to a port we went though this amazing glacier pass. The glaciers were huge!! And because of the temps they were turning blue. So pretty and amazing what nature can do. So with out further ado here are some pics from these days.


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