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Monday, September 27, 2010

Our lovely blog award!!!

So I got this sweet blog award nomination from an amazing lady over at survivingmiscarriages.com shes the one who made this sweet dove picture in memory of Kael. I wanted to spread the love. So I am going to nominate 10 blogs that I follow and love to read and let you know why I love them. I have never been given an award before so it was kind of cool. I feel so special today :0) So read check out the below blogs and show them some love to. Here are my 10 in no particular order.

1) kendraandryanwebster.blogspot.com - This lady is so amazing and has done such good in remembrance of her sweet daughter Kenzie.

2) lisaandkevinjones.blogspot.com- Lisa is so positive and has a great outlook on life.

3) simplyamiraclex2.blogspot.com- This sweet lady has such great struggles but has an amazing attitude and puts forward her very best everyday.

4) truelove08.blogspot.com- Lyndee is one of my dearest friends and has an amazing blog. She actually has 3 because she is so talented and involved in so many things.

5) missingjuanito.blogspot.com- Juanitos mommy is so strong and amazing

6) onlyangelsmakethelist.blogspot.com- This sweet mom makes are collections in memory of our babies gone to soon. She has a great outlook on life.

7) sherryrusso.blogspot.com- a mom to twins one who is on earth one who is in heaven she is a very strong amazing woman as well.

8) wyattnathaniel.blogspot.com- a sweet mom who has been through alot but lives for what she believes in.

9) arckids.blogspot.com- This sweet lady has many struggles of her own. She doesn't think of herself though she even took the time to make a tree last year in memory of our son Kael for the festival of trees.

10) heathermohr.blogspot.com- Has been though much sadness but is expecting a sweet rainbow baby and has a great attitude.


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Thank you Brig, Love you!

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