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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stefons Lost his Tooth

Stefon lost his first tooth on Tuesday. He was sooooo excited. Since Daxton started loosing his teeth a few months back Stefon really wanted the tooth fairy to come visit him to. So on Tuesday night he had been wiggling and wiggling since his tooth had been loose for over a week and finally around 7:00pm it came out. You should have seen the smile on his face. He asked me to get his cell phone and take a picture and he sent it to everyone he knew even his grandma who doesn't know how to check her pictures it was to darn cute!  He was never so eager to go to be since he knew he had to be asleep before the tooth fairy came. In the morning he was still grinning ear to ear with his gifts and his money. He asked lots of questions on how can the tooth fairy be so sneaky. It was super cute. My little man is growing right up! I sure love that little boy with all of my heart.


Ryan.Kendra.Makenzie said...

So cute. I love little toothless smiles.
Just so you know I tagged you on my blog :)

Ashley said...

He is too cute! I love those smiles :)

Tesha said...

So Sweet it goes way to fast. I love toothless grins.

The Hammonds said...

I cant believe how fast they are growing up!!

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