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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Family Time

Last week Layne was gone to Connecticut all week for training so on Friday I spent all day having a mom and boys day. Saturday Layne was back so we did family activities all day until that night when we had a awesome double date night with a few friends. Friday I took the boys to the park and got slurpees, we went to the dollar store their favorite place of all places, they boys wanted to go decorate Kaels grave for St. Patricks Day so we did, we played games, jumped on the tramp and then since everyone was so tired ordered out from Chili's and got chocolate milk shakes. Saturday the boys had a soccer game which we all went to. I coach the boys team again and I couldn't be prouder the won 5 to 0. After the game we headed downtown to see Disney on Ice. It was Toy Story this year so of course the boys LOVED it, we got them prizes and snacks and had a awesome time. Watching their little faces light up make my day. Its the best feeling ever. After Disney on Ice we brought them home to the sitter and Layne and I headed out for date night. We met our friends at the gateway for yummy dinner, we walked around  a few of the shops and then headed to Starbucks. We started chatting away and before we knew it, it had been 3 hours and they were closing down. It was such a lovely night! I love weekends like this where we build memories and spend so much time with the ones that we love!!


Tesha said...

My very favorite thing in the whole world when I was little was--Walt Disney world on ice!!!! I have not ever take my kids. In L.A. it come at Christmas and it always seems like to much money. After seeing those pics I am going to start saving now! Glad you guys had a fun weekend, I love little boys They are so much fun.

The Hammonds said...

Family fun is the best!!!!

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