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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Behind the Name.

This week in walking with you we talk about names. We thought long and hard about Kaels name. There were 2 reasons we picked it.. the first one the meaning behind it is Kael means mighty warrior and David means true friend. The second meaning was that Kael was the name of one of our favorite BYU players (his was spelled a little different) and David is my dads name. We liked to keep the middle names with the boys so they have a family name to carry on. The name Kael could not have been better picked though. You fought for your life like a warrior, you were so strong and so special to us. You beat milestones the doctors weren't sure you'd ever be able to do. Grandpa sure liked that we named you after him. You 2 had a special bond and he would visit and hold you and rock you often. You brought out the gentler side of grandpa :). You 2 were for sure friends as well as everyone who came in contact with you. You had this sweet little smile that melted each of the nurses hearts and all of your doctors loved you to. You were all of our very best friends and we are so glad that we got to have you in our lives! You blessed us and taught us so much. You still continue to!! Its fun to go back and think on the fun amazing things we did together and about the time when we picked your name. It could not have been better planned! If I have any advice to all you sweet mommies out there about to have babies think long and hard about the name. Look at the meanings and think about what you would like your child remembered for. I still love hearing Kaels name and mention when ever I can. I also love it when other BLM'S write his name in special places. I have a whole gallery ot this and each and everyone holds a special place in my heart so thank you to all those that have written his name!! A name is a very important thing. If any of you need prayers id love to know. Ive started on my prayer list but am happy to add to it. Ill continue to pray for each and everyone of you. Reading your sweet stories has sure touched my life and my heart. And thank you all for your continued prayers for my sweet little family. Life is an amazing thing and I appreciator each and every one of you!! Don't forget if you want to link up you can do it here. I hope you have a blessed week. http://blog.sufficientgraceministries.org/


crystal said...

That is so sweet!!! Hope you guys have a great rest of the week:)

Hannah Rose said...

Love it!!

By the way, I see Landon and I share a birthday...it's a good day to be born, eh? :)

Jennie said...

I love the meaning of Kael! It is so perfect for him!! Hugs you sweet mama!

Ashley said...

Kael's name is completely perfect. I love the name Kael!!

Molly King said...

Love his name and the meaning! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Love Kael's name and the meaning behind it. You are so right about the importance and preciousness of a name. And, how sweet it is to hear our children's names spoken.

Continued prayers.

Holly said...

His name definitely fits him!!

Jennifer Ross said...

mighty warrior and David means true friend........... so beautiful Brigette!

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