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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love Day...

Yesterday was lots of fun!! The boys had their Valentine parties at school. I was the head room mom in Stefons class and his party turned out lots of fun. Its so fun to watch the little kids at their school parties.  Layne and I decided this year we we rent going out on the night of Valentines because it gets soooo busy so we went to dinner a few nights before and had our date night and decided on a family night last night. We were all spoiled with lots of gifts (especially the boys they have so many people who love them us, both their grandmas, 3 of their aunts, their extra grandma Carlene and cousins seriously it looked like a mini birthday or something like that its so fun to see them happy and excited though!!). We decided to do a heart themed dinner so we made heart pizzas, heart jello jigglers, strawberries, red punch and red, white and pink cupcakes for dinner. We had  a heart plates and tablecloths and we had a cheers moment requested by Daxton :). Such a cute kid. It was so fun all of us being together with the ones we love the most and once the boys went to bed Layne and I having a quiet evening together. I'm so blessed to have so many loving people in my life. I thought all day about how lucky I am to have so many people love me. I thought of Kael of course and what it would be like for him to join our Valentines dinner. With him it would have been perfect. We of course decorated his grave last week so he could be in on the Valentine festivities. I hope your Valentines Day was filled with love and family!!


Ashley said...

What a fun mom! Love K's grave, its beautiful!

Ashley said...

BTW - I just got your blanket and I am going to get it in the mail this week!!

Alesha said...

Awe how fun are you? What cute ideas. Valentines day is so crowded out. I say a couple people took on the family idea at chick fil a! :)

Jennie said...

I agree, what a fun mom!! Kael's grave looks great. Glad it was a good holiday

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