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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Around here lately.

Lots of fun things going on, lots of family time and precious memories built. I sure love my family! Here's a little description of the pictures.

1. Landon loves to lay, ride, hug smother the dogs.. they are so good to let him do it!
2 & 3.  My niece Macy gave my sister and I a make over didn't she do a great job :)
4. Uncle Richard came for 3 & a half days we had lots of fun playing, going out to eat, catching up, visiting with grandma lots of family time.
5. Cousin Koda came for his surgery on his head we had lots of time playing with him prior to the surgery
6. Contests on the XBox boy do the kids get competitive its so funny to watch!!
7. The kids are off track so they love to have sleep overs in the play room together
8. Story time. We have been reading lots and lots of books together
9. Missing this little guy... my heart hurts I miss him sooo much! This morning I have that knot in my stomach you know the one you get when you are missing someone.. I know its been a long time but boy do I miss him. I wish I could snuggle him in his frog jammies, sing him a song and rock in the glider the night away...We sure love this little guy and think of him all of the time!


crystal said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Praying for peace today!!!

Alesha said...

Glad you guys are finding some fun in the boring winter months! haha Oh to just give one more squeeze huh?

Jennie said...

You have been busy! I agree with Alesha, just one more squeeze. Thinking of you!

Tesha said...

Hi Bridgett, thanks for your lovely comments.
I love the family photos so sweet. My favorite is your 3 boys in sleeping bags, my boys love doing that also. It's really refreshing to see you post your family photo and integrate them with grieving. So many web-sights/ blogs I have been on are solely for grieving. When I see a real family with real joy and real grief it is so comforting. Thank you!

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