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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The castle park and wrestling

This past weekend was full of fun and family. Friday when the boys got out of school we hooked up with Layne's niece Ashley and her kiddos and headed to this really fun castle park not to far from where we live. It was so much fun we took snacks and played away about a hour into it the kids were roasting it was like 95 degrees outside so we decided to head over to McDonald's for some ice cream and playing in the cooler inside play ground. The cousins love playing together and its nice to chat and catch up. After our play date we headed home and got ready for a family night at WWE wrestling. The boys ( and I mean all of them including Layne ;) are wrestling fanatics... since I'm very out numbered Ive learned to really love and enjoy it to.) So we headed down to the Maverick Center for a night full of fun. We got really good seats only 10 rows back and right on the side where the wrestlers came out so we were very close to them. Alot of the boys favorites were there which made it so much more exciting!!! We ate lots of junk popcorn, licorice, cotton candy, soda the works. Such a fun filled night with lots of fun memories. I love that were able to do these things with the boys!! Saturday we got them a big swimming pool that we set up in the back yard and put up right next to the tramp so they can jump in like a diving board to them its AMAZING its so fun to watch how far they've come with swimming and being brave. Layne BBQ'd some yummy hamburgers and Brats to finish out the amazing weekend. It was lots of fun!!


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