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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kaels Angel Wreath

Last week another angel mom and I got together to make wreaths in honor of our sweet babies. She had gotten the idea from another angel loss mom and I was hooked the day she sent it to me!! So we set aside a day... and decided to get them done!! We headed to the craft store first... wreath, ribbon, fabric, buttons, glitter, wooden letters all the works and headed back to her place!! She had a bit of a head start on hers and it made me even more excited to get started!!

The wreaths turned out beautiful, so amazing and so much like our kids.. now we have something we can hang in the house with their things to make them that much closer to us!! The initial thought behind it was to hang them on their birthdays and angel days but I don't think ill ever take it down!! I wrapped BYU fabric around the edges to remind us of the night before he passed, we had been to the BYU/Utah State game, I hung his socks that he wore so many times.. they were one of the only pairs that would fit and not slide off, I hung his tag that has his name on it that a lovely made for him, I hung his rattle that he loved to wear on his wrist, he wasn't able to move a ton on his own but he would move his arms and the rattles would make noise, he would get so excited when he heard noise or music he sure loved it!! I hung a wooden K in honor of his name to represent an amazing little boy!! I love the way it turned it. It is such a beautiful wreath and I was surprised with how good it looks on the wall right by our BYU family picture with Kael in it. Its perfect!! Thank you for allowing me over to make these beautiful wreaths with you. My friends turned out perfect as well it represents her beautiful daughter so well!! Its girly and beautiful with all of her things!! I'm so happy we were able to make these all though it was hard to go through that box with some of Kaels things it was nice to see them again and remember back to those amazing days. I love you to the moon and back!!! Love mommy!!


crystal said...

SO sweet!!! Love it :)

Holly said...

The wreath looks really good! What a neat idea and im sure you enjoyed making it

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