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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This boy....

After eye surgery

surgery is the bottom pic.

Lots of things going on with little Landon... we had his eye surgery a few weeks back and man is he looking good!! The doctor says he thinks its fully corrected and wont need a second surgery we've been going for follow ups each week and will have what will hopefully be the last one for a while the week of the 23rd. I'm so pleased with how they turned out. Its to a point you almost cant tell he had the surgery was done.. just a little bit of redness still but overall looking good! Yesterday we had a follow up at Primary Children's with the neurologist Dr.Walker he is such a kind, intelligent patient man. They looked over everything again with Landon tested his feet and back and said so far things are looking good.. they are still not 100% sure of what impacts if any the tissue around his spine will cause so we will follow up every 6 months so they can check his developmental improvements. Dr. Walker says well learn the most after hes been walking for about a year so we can see the muscles in his feet as well as the arch and also that we will know alot more once Landon is potty trained to see if it is impacting his bowels in anyway. If either are the case they will do surgery and if not then they will just follow up until he is out of Kindergarten so good news thus far just keep praying it stays positive!! I am more relieved now that things are starting to go into play in a positive light.. I still get nervous and the back of my brain still tells me there could be something wrong but for now things are looking good and I will keep a positive outlook!! Its amazing to me the effect Primary Children's Hospital still has on me.... while we were there yesterday I was drawn to the 4th floor, I took the elevator up got off and walked down what seems like a forever hall to those double doors the ones we spent so much time behind.. I just sat outside for a few mins, missing Kael, remembering all that happened there and then thinking about those poor families that are going through the same thing... oh how I wish there was something I could do to ease the pain they are feeling right now... I want to do something.. think of something to help them out. So now I'm on a mission to figure it out. Then I took the elevators down to the PICU floor, remembering the tubes, the wires the beeps, again wishing that no one else had to know that pain. I wish I could make a difference in just one of their lives.. I'm on a mission and ill figure it out... one day ill be able to make a difference. Anyways sorry for the rant. It made for an emotional day.. one of wondering, wishing dreaming thinking about the what ifs. Its not a bad thing that I went there... most days I just remember the happy and how far Ive come but for yesterday I just wished that I could go back if even just for a few minutes to hold his sweet body, touch his skin, see his eyes..... wishing, hoping, dreaming... one day Ill be there.


Anonymous said...

So glad the surgery went so well and the results look great!!

Ashley H

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