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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A little Advice...

I need some advice from my fellow BLM's!! My little Landon is now 2 1/2 and is asking lots of questions about Kael. He doesnt understand why he doesnt get to come to his birthday parties and why he doesnt ever see him except for in pictures. We talk about Kael often and have pictures all over but Landon lately is asking where is he and why. We talk about heaven and how he was sick. But for Landon who never had the opportunity on this earth to meet Kael he seems to be confused. He knows Kael is his brother and that we all love him and celebrate him, he loves to read Kaels book, sing his songs and look at his pictures but I dont know how to explain at his little level everything. I dont want to confuse or stress him out. So if anyone has advice that would be AMAZING!! Today is link up on Teshas blog so if youd like to link up the blog address is . http://www.teshastreasures.com/

On  a side note I recieved my beautiful pendant from in our hearts photo pendants. It is beautiful and I love it! I cant wait to wear it around my neck! I am super excited with how wonderful it came out. For just a small donation you can have one made for your angel baby!! To read more here is the link!! I took a picture on my cell so its not great my real camera is charging since I ran the battery out but if you go to the blog you can see a much better picture of it ther! So here is the link and a general idea. She has a few shapes to choose from I just may need to get a second in a different shape with a different picture so I can mix it up!  http://inourheartsphotopendants.blogspot.com/


Ashley said...

LOVE the pendant!!

I don't have any advice because my younger child hasn't gotten old enough to talk :) But I have a friend that has a rainbow child (who is now 15 years old) and she always tells me that he gets jealous that everyone else in the family met their son that died and have memories. I think what you are doing is great. Talk about him, let him know that he is in heaven but that he knew him before he was born. I would probably even throw in that "you guys were probably the BEST of friends up in heaven." I don't know...thinking of you as always ((hugs))

Next time I am in Utah we need to meet up :)

Trennia said...

I am visiting from Tesha's link up.
This is a hard thing to explain that their sibling now lives in heaven with Jesus.My son was almost 2 years old when Emily went to heaven.I talk to him alot about her,he knows she lives with Jesus,but it still hard even after almost 4 years of her being gone.

Alesha said...

Oh my gosh I love that pendant! I need one right now!

It is hard with the lil's. I feel the same way with B even though he was alive to meet Pierce. He was BARELY 2 and had no clue what was going on. It is so hard to teach them. Landon and Brigs are just 2 months apart. I didn't realize.

Tesha said...

Oh I love your pendant so cute! I wish I had advice for you sweet friend but I don't. However I will pray that you think of some creative ideas that will help Landon understand. thanks for mention the link up I know other mommies will me so blessed to find eachother. Your blog has brought me so much comfort and hope :)

Holly said...

love the pendant! and I wish I could give you advice but Lainey is only 18 mos and just doesn't know anything yet. Kyndra is 4 and was 15 mos when Carleigh was born. we've always spoken her name to her and told her she lives in Heaven w/ Jesus. she hasn't really asked too many questions about it all

Jennie said...

I love the pendant too! Very sweet. I am like everyone else, I wish I had some wonderful advice for you, but I don't. I think you are doing a good job. He is at an age when the concept of heaven and not being able to see them is hard to grasp. Keep doing what you are doing and it will come. Loves!

KW said...

No great advice, if you come across some though please share it, I think I will need it. I love, love, love the pendant. I think I will have to order me one as well.

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