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Friday, April 27, 2012


Things have been busy. Lots going on it seems like were always on the run! I wouldnt trade it for anything though because being busy is much better than sitting around and letting my brain run wild. That never turns into anything good.  Here are some pictures of random things weve done lately.

1. The puppy likes to spoon Stefon. I think its adorable.
2. Landon riding the bus at Walmart hed do it 100 times if id let him
3. Spring Soccer has started up the boys are 3 for 3. Daxton has scored goals in all 3 games and Stefon scored 2 goals in the last game.
4. Sprinkler time. Its finally warm enough (most days) to have fun water time
5. Landon and I having snuggle time he told me when I took this picture that we are Best Friends :)
6. Jungle Jims. The boys loved all the rides Landon wasnt scared even on the roller coaster and Daxton loved to play all of the games. He is a ski ball king!
7. Jazz Game!! We went on Saturday night it was a blast!! The Jazz won which always makes for an exciting time! Now they are in the play offs!
8. The boys thought it would be really fun to have a silly string party so thats just what we did.
9. This is Stefon and I at the Jazz game he insisted we have a picture together!
10. The Link is to a You Tube video to the song One More Day by Diamond Rio... That ones for Kael lately thats what Ive really wished... the wanting has been more the past few days.. I always want him of course but sometime the yearning is more than others. Love you to the moon and back buddy!


Tesha said...

I love the update! The puppy shot is so funny, that is every little boy wish...a dog to love. How sweet that Landon said you were best friends :)It looks like a blast at the game! Boys are Awesome, I was always scared when they got to be teenager they would not need me, but my fourteen year old still kisses me everyday :)

Jennie said...

You have been busy! Your boys are little soccer stars! How fun. I love that Landon told you that you were best friends! Way sweet.

Ashley said...

Loved the pictures! The last picture with you and Stefon is SO cute!!

The Hammonds said...

Looks like lots of fun times!!

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