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Friday, April 13, 2012

Kaels birthday celebration and the blanket drive

Yesterday we celebrated Kael! We made the day about him and thought of him all day long! The boys had school so while they were there I ran some errands picked up some last minute blankets from some friends. First thing in the morning Landon, Stefon and I snuggled in bed. I didn't want to get out but knew I had to. Kael would not have loved me to be miserable in bed. I went and picked up the balloons from the store and dropped off all the stuff at Grandma R's house to be ready for the party that night. When school was out we picked up the boys and headed up to Primary Children's the weather had been terrible raining and snowing I was praying that just for a while it would calm down so that we could have the celebration. When we got up to the Hospital they were so gracious! We had a great turn out this year 272 blankets, 134 stuffed animals, 16 hats for the NICU babies and 10 onezies. It makes me proud to make such a donation to the hospital that helped Kael live as long as he was able to. We snapped a few pictures then headed up to the cemetery. We cleaned off all of Kaels Easter stuff and put out his birthday stuff. We told Kael we loved him and happy birthday. On the way back to Grandma R's we grabbed McDonalds. The kids love it there and I like to think that Kael would love it to. We ate as a family and then everyone started showing up for the party! We had lots of family show up and show Kael lots of love. We wrote on our balloons to Kael and went outside for the balloon release. Daxton asked specially if we could do wish lanterns so we started a new tradition this year that we would let go as many wish lanterns as the years old Kael would be so we let 4 of those go as well after the balloon release. My prayers were answered. The  rain and snow stopped at about 6:00 and the party started at 7. It was perfect timing and made it so special! After the release we all had cookies and cupcakes and sat around and chatted. It was a special day for a special boy! I hope your birthday was amazing in heaven Kael and that you could feel our love all day. Stefon and Daxton drew such sweet pictures on their balloons. Stefon drew a picture of you and him holding hands. And Daxton was sure to spend extra time to make his perfect. Landon insisted on a yellow balloon at the store to send you they all love you so much!! Happy, Happy Birthday sweet boy! We love you!!


Alesha said...

What a special day. It totally makes me cry my eyes out thinking about it. I am gonna be in the same boat with P's first birthday next month. It already stresses me out thinking about it. What I want to do, what I dont want to do and how sad it makes me that it isn't so not what I planned. I think Kael is happy with his celebration and was probably there with you!

Ashley said...

That is an awesome donation!! So glad that you were able to do that in kael's name.

Thinking of you often and especially of your sweet Kael. His day sounds amazing.


Holly said...

what an amazing donation!!

Jennie said...

You are amazing!! I'm sure you made Kael proud with that wonderful donation. And the balloons and lanterns were beautiful. It looks like a special day to celebrate a wonderful boy.

PS. I had been thinking about doing the lanterns on Teagan's birthday. If you have the time, I would love an email with feedback on the lanterns and where you got them.

Tesha said...

Hi Brigette. I could not find your email so I thought I would just leave a message here because I knew you would get it.
I am starting a weekly Tuesday link up for moms that have lost children/kids. I would love for you to join us.
You do not have to write a special post just link your home page, I have been so blessed by your blog I know other would be also.
You have a wonderful family and blog I know others would be so blessed to read your story
Thanks Tesha

The Hammonds said...

So glad you had such a great turn out to donate again!!

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