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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bad luck......

The last week and a half Daxton has had some major bad luck.. poor kid. Last Tuesday his cousin slammed his finger in the door which resulted in a trip to the ER, X-Rays and a splint for what we thought would be 8 days.. .we went back to the doctor yesterday its still broken so the lucky guy gets to wear it for 2 more weeks and 3 weeks for days that he has soccer. Sunday night Daxton told me he wasn't feeling well... I put him to bed telling him to get me if he needed me the next morning about 8 am he was so sick, he couldn't keep anything down we tried everything, water, Gatorade, otter pops, apple juice.. everything that went in came right back up. At 3 I decided to call the pediatrician.. his lips were starting to dry out and he was just laying around not his typical self. They right away sent us to Primary Children's we got there about 4 and didn't leave until 11:30 almost midnight. He had gotten an infection and due to not being able to keep anything down he was very dehydrated and his blood sugar was very low to where his body was in shock. So they pumped him full of 3 bags of iv fluid, zofran, and sugars to get him back where he needed to be. Took a x-ray of his belly to make sure nothing else was wrong then allowed us to go home once he was able to keep some fluids down. This boy is so brave, never cried, fussed, complained just held my hand and did as they asked him to do. I am so proud of him and love him to pieces. I promised him prizes and a date of his choice (Chuckie Cheese) for being so brave. Hes such a sweetie. He had me lay in his hospital bed with him and cuddle him tight. He never cuddles now that hes a "big boy" so that part was nice but it was horrible to see him in such agony. Praying that he gets a break for a long while now!!! I sure love my Daxton!


KnottedFingers said...

Oh wow!! Poor Daxton!!! :( What awful luck!!!I'm glad he's home and I'm sending out many prayers and good luck vibes for him.

Tana said...

Poor little guy!! I know your pain, a little bit at least, Lillian is now the proud owner of a pink cast. She fractured her arm going down a bouncy slide. Not fun to see them getting hurt that's for sure, but she was incredibly brave too and didn't cry once and sat patiently for hours waiting to be seen on a Saturday night at insta-care. Hope Dax is feeling better!!

April said...

Oh I am so sorry that happened! Hopefully he's on the mend!

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