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Friday, May 27, 2011

Sharing Place

So the boys and I have been going to the Sharing Place for 2 years now. They are a fabulous organization that helps children with loss of a sibling/parent to help them cope. They do a talking circle, arts and crafts and lots of play time. The kids feel "normal" there because all of the other kids there can relate to what they are going through. Its also nice for the parents because while the kids have group the grown ups also have a group. It really is helpful and nice to have people to relate to. On Tues it was our last day until summer break. We had group and then a brunch and then they gave the grown ups candles and the kids bags of stones that help to remind them that their are "smooth time and rough times" and how to apply what they've learned during the break. It really is such a beneficial place!! So in June every year they sponsor this race. All the proceeds go to the Sharing Place since they are a non-profit organization. Layne and I are heading up the race this year. It is lots of planning and time and work. Its all worth it in the end though. My part is to help with the sponsors... so if any of you reading this know of someone who would be willing to donate or have any leads help a girl out :). Also if your in Utah and want to participate go to http://www.thesharingplace.org/ to sign up for the race. It will be the last Saturday in June this year. It is so fun and not really a race.. more of a fun walk/ride your bike/scooter kind of thing. So its very family oriented. So bring the kids get out of the house and get a little family exercise in. Its only 1 mile so everyone can do it!!! If you'd like to help or know of anyone contact me and get me the information!! Like I said any little bit helps!! My email is brigey66@hotmail.com or phone number is 801-631-2239!! Thanks in advance everyone!! Here's some pics of the kids from closing on Tuesday.


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