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Friday, February 4, 2011


So as I wrote about a month ago I'm doing a blanket drive for Primary Children's Hospital. A place that I totally have a love really they are AMAZING!! I owe so much to them.. they gave us a lot longer to be with out previous Kael than we would have ever had any other way.... I do love them alot... I just get sad sometimes to think about how much pain and suffering goes on in that place as well.... Anyways so I wanted to give an update on our blanket drive... So far we have....................................

72!! That's right 72 blankets to donate... This is huge I didn't even think id get 50 and were only a month in... I know a bunch of people still have blankets to get to me. I'm so beyond excited right now I cant even explain it!! So I want to set another goal Id love to double it and be able to donate at least 150 blankets. This place is huge and so many kids go through there so even though 72 is ALOT!! I want to do way more!! Please keep donating they will take whatever we can get them!! Thanks to all of those that have donated and will continue to donate! It means so much to be able to do this in Kaels honor for his birthday!! I cant wait to update again in a few weeks to see how many more I get!! Thank you, thank you thank you!!! Here are a few blankets I have received so far!!


The Johnson Crew said...

That's great!! I hope to help too!

butterflymom said...

This is great news, Brigette. So happy for you...what an amazing gift this will be to families in need. ((hugs))

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