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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MRW Live, Laugh Breath Event

On Saturday I was able to meet an amazing woman and attend an amazing event. Kendra lost a beautiful little girl just shy of 5 months old to SMARD a condition very similar to Kaels. Kaels they never were able to give a name to but it was similar in the respiratory aspect as well as not being able to swallow or breath on their own. Her and her husband too went through a roller coaster like we did trying to figure it out. Kenzies first birthday would have been Sunday so her mom put togteher this amazing event to raise money for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation where they do research so they can try and find a cure so no one else has to go through this nightmare of loosing a child so early on to this evil disease. These kids were so brave and Strong and put up such a fight. I was able to volunteer for an hour and a half at the tattoo booth then I got to play with my hubby and kids, my mom, my brothers 3 kids and my sisters 2 kids and my brother and sister in law. There was so much to do tattoos, face painting, ball toss, bouncy houses, cotton candy, snow cones, hot dogs, chips, drinks, a silent auction, raffle and a kenzie boutique. She also had scales and tails there, a magician, belly dances and music. At one point during the night we let a ton of balloons go and listend to a song that was written for another child lost to SMA. I couldn't help but think of Kenzie and Kael. So beautiful, Strong and amazing. I broke a bit and shed some tears but all for a good cause. I cant wait to hear how much Kendra earned but I am sure it was alot! Layne was so happy he won the bid for the silent auction for a BYU basket full of cougar stuff. He was in heaven even though we didn't win the WII from the raffle. Overall the night was amazing and I am grateful for the chance to help out even though it was only in a small way. Here are some pictures from our fun!


Andrea said...

I am so glad that you went! I really wanted to go but couldn't. If they have it again next year I hope to be there. :)

The Hammonds said...

Looks like it was amazing with such a great turn out! Im so happy it turned out so well for them and I really hope they were able to not only reach their goal but make way passed it!

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