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Monday, June 28, 2010

Kaels memory walk!!

On Saturday we had Kaels memory walk. It was amazing and a little emotional. We had such a great support there and the staff is amazing. The walk is for memory of someone you have lost and the proceeds go to this amazing place called the Sharing Place. My kids go there to talk through the loss of their brother and get to meet other kids in the same situation and Layne and I get to go talk to adults in the same situation which helps alot!! Its all free besides donations which that in itself is amazing. They do so many great things there with the kids to help with their emotions and I am forever grateful!! So we went up Saturday morning and did the walk it was just over a mile and the kids did great!! We had such a good time and all 16 of us finished! My 1 friend was a bit confused and put Kaels name on her tag thinking it was supposed to be who we were running for and she took 3rd place so they called Kaels name and we of course were all surprised so Layne went up and accepted the ribbon which now ispart of Kaels wall in our front room. It was special. They then had the director give a speach about the walk and how hes done it for 5 years now but wont be able to continue and so he asked for volunteers for next my amazing hubby gave the guy his email and said hed be happy to do it so that the walk and donations for sharing place could go on. I was so grateful that he did that it meant the world to me. Now we can be doing something in Kaels name and for a great cause for years to come. So next year Layne and I will be in charge and make sure the event goes smoothly get the sponsors etc and run the race. I was so touched that Layne would step up to the plate to do that. He is truly AMAZING!! At the end of the rave they gave the kids balloons of course my sweet boys wanted to send them to Kael. That's when the emotions really hit me... I'm a baby and lost it a little. They are so sweet and want to include Kael in everything possible. I am so happy we decided to do this and so happy that we will be able to help other and keep Kaels memory alive for years to come!! The drive home I felt so peaceful. I could feel Kael with me in the car. It was such an amazing feeling. It had been a while and I knew he knew I needed a little hug from him that day. I love you to the moon Kael. I hope that you can feel our love always and know that we are so proud to have been your parents. I hope you are equally as proud to call us your family and that we do good things to carry on your legacy. I love you so much. Sending much love up to you today and everyday!! Love mommy


Andrea said...

That is wonderful!!! I am so happy that you are able to do that walk and be in charge of it so it can continue. :) Thinking of you and your family!

Tanada said...

That sounds amazing Brig! Wow what a neat way to honor your little boy! Wish I could have been there!

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