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Friday, June 4, 2010

A memory walk for Kael

Feeling kind of low today. I have been sick the last few days and it makes me think lots about Kael when I'm down. The kids have been gone because I have strep and we don't want them to get it so Ive had lots of thinking time. It doesnt help too that a guy I worked close with at Verizon is missing from a boating accident and assumed dead. I hurt for his family and all my friends at work he is a great guy!! I hope he found Kael up there and their playing ball or something. Oh how I miss my sweet boy!! Today marks the 20th month of when Kael passed away. I know seems like forever and I should be over it and most days I am ok but it still hurts I'm just learning to cope better and working on being happy for my family. I love them all so much!! On a happier note we are participating in a walk for Kael on June 26th. If anyone local would like to join us that would be fabulous!! I am so excited about this. All the proceeds go to the Sharing Place a great place that has helped my kids so much! If you want to participate or even donate the website is http://www.thesharingplace.org/. This is going to be so great for my family. I appreciate the support that we will get! Thinking of you much today sweet Kael!! You make me a better person everyday. Thank you for everything you taught me! You are my sunshine! Hope your having a happy day in heaven and playing with all your friends smiling down and keeping us all safe. I hope you visit today and are with me! Mommy loves you to the moon and back!! Sending thousands of hugs and kisses!! Special thanks to Amanda who made these special pics. She has a facebook page called Angel Baby Lake Treasures. These pics mean the world to me!!


Chad and Lux said...

First of all, why should you ever "be over it"? It's not like your child is a cold and you recover and get over him. Not at all. I for one love hearing about your sweet angels (all of them) and you are human, every single emotion and feeling you have is normal and legit. IT'S OK TO BE THAT WAY!!! That's how we like ya. I'm sorry you are not feeling well, my prayers are with you and your family. Get feelin' better. Love ya!

peach said...

Love to you. We are hoping to do the walk.

Heather said...

Beautiful photos...

And I don't think there is a such thing as "over it" - it's perfectly ok to grieve, and I'm sure we both will for the rest of our lives. I know that 9 months later after the loss of our daughter I have mostly good days, but when the bad times hit, they are just as rough as they were the day we lost her.


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