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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fathers Day!!

So Sunday was Fathers Day and it was a pretty good day. We woke up that morning and relaxed for a bit and gave Layne his presents. We made a yummy breakfast of pancakes and scrambled eggs. Layne made the boys snowman pancakes and sprinkled powder sugar on top to look like snow the boys loved it. After we got ready for the day we ran to Walmart to get a few things and had lunch at McDonalds. We came home to have family nap and then went over to Laynes sisters house for a BBQ and the kids to have a swimming party. My dad also joined us for dinner there. It was a great day and fun memories. I am so grateful to Layne for being such a good daddy. He works hard and loves the kids so much and shows them what a real daddy should be. He plays with them (wrestling is one of their favorites), teaches them all that they need to know and lets them know that he'll always be there for them. They are so lucky to call him daddy. Days like this are of course harder with out one of our kids here to love on and I struggle know whether to put Kaels name on birthday cards, fathers day cards etc.... anyone out there have input on that it'd be great. I dwindle back and forth having that argument in my head of which is the right thing to do... So many decisions in life. Thanks for being a great daddy. I love you so much!!!


The Johnson Crew said...

I don't think there is a right or wrong answer on where Kael's should or shouldn't be. I think it should be wherever you need it to be. Just because he is in Heaven doesn't mean he isn't part of your family anymore. He is yours forever. Hugs and prayers.

Andrea said...

Glad that Father's day was such a great day for your family. :)

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