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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Angel wings.....

So you guys probably get sick of this but.... to me its amazing and specail and a way to keep Kael "alive". I got a few more things I want to share that I have recieved some amazing angel wings from http://angelwingsmemorialboutique.blogspot.com/ where a loving mother by the name of Leah makes these for baby lost mamas. Her sweet son was born sleeping also http://namesonthesidewalk.blogspot.com/ for the cute sidewalk name by La Cubanita who has also lost a little one. I hope these make you smile... I know they did me. I hope you dont think I am consumed with Kael but reality is I think about him everday!! The pain doesnt hurt as much as those first few months except on some occasions and I am doing ok but he is still very much apart of my life and I never want him to forget that I love him so much and always want a way to thank him for what he has done for me!! Thank you to all of you as well you have been a support!! We never think going into marriage and having babies that one day we will loose one of our own so young. It blindsides you and for me hit me like a train and left me in a fog for a long time. I try to go back and remember the good days with Kael often times I go to that dark day that will for ever remain impressed in my brain but I am grateful for the memories we do have!! The good news is the fog is not so thick any more. The bad news is for me at least this 2nd year has been so much harder.... another great friend I have found from the baby loss community says that the 2nd year is harder because the shock has worn off and reality has set in... I find that to be very true!! I just have to take it a day at a time. Today i'll take the kids to the sharing place an amazing place for kids that have lost loved ones due to death. (ie:sibling, parents and a few grandparents they were close to.) The place is amazing and has done some great things for my kids but I sure hate that this is part of their reality. They are doing ok with it. Just like me some days are better than others. For the most part though we are happy and doing well. Sorry for babbling... just one of those mornings I suppose! And lastly but not least I want to say thanks to Layne he has been my rock throughout this entire process. He talks to me and he makes me smile!! Thanks honey!! I hope you guys enjoy the pictures.


Chad and Lux said...

Love you Brigey!!! Sometimes it's even easier to take one minute at a time than one whole day at a time. Call me if you need anything.

Tanada said...

No one would get sick of hearing about your amazing, heart breaking/strengthening journey. I'm so glad that with the internet and blogosphere that it is easier to access communities of others who know what you are going through, and those of us who may not fully understand but send our prayers to you just the same. Lots of love, you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

mommy lady said...

I love that your BLogging and sharing Kael with everyone, I know it helps me to share my Angels with everyone.....((HUGS))

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