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Friday, February 7, 2014

10 months and counting!!

This little miss turned 10 months old on Feb 2nd. I am so blown away with how much she has learned and grown this past month. She soaks up everything like a sponge and continues to develop the funnest little personality! She is talking up a storm her new words are gramma, no no, hi along with all of the others she has already been saying. We got the green light from the CF clinic to start her on some dairy products so she has gotten to try eggs, yogurt, oreos with milk, enchiladas and bean and cheese burritos. She has also tried cherries, strawberries, plums, waffles, pancakes with syrup, spaghetti and graham crackers. We got her some sippy cups to start the weaning of the bottle process her favorite one is the one with a straw! She thinks she is pretty big stuff now that she can drink through a straw and has tried some apple juice and pear juice and water in her sippy. She loves to blow kisses, shake her head no, blow kisses and play patty cake. She loves to stand and walk holding our hands and has mastered crawling and scooting to get to the things she wants! She is so sweet with her baby dolls and loves to give them kisses.  This was a big month because she finally, finally got her first tooth about 2 weeks before she turned 10 months. I was starting to worry she wouldn't get any teeth. Silly, silly me. Tiara did have a 4 day stay in the hospital this month due to some cellulite she got from a infection in her blood stream. She was a trooper and fought through it like a champ. She is such a strong little fighter.  This little lady weighed in at 17 lbs 10 oz and is 28.5 inches long. She is now in size 3 diapers. size 2 shoes and and mostly 6-9 month  clothes and 12 month pj's because her legs are to long for the 6-9 month ones. We are so in love with this little lady. Her brothers adore her and are always playing toys with her and teasing her. She loves to give big bear hugs and snuggle when shes sleepy. She loves the blankie close to her face when she is trying to go to sleep and she is only using the binky now when its sleepy time. Each day we have we are so thankful. Tiara is such a joy and an amazing addition to our family!


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