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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Precious memories.....

I wanted to post a special post about this blanket my sister in law made because it seriously means so much to me. Everyday I look at it and it brings me back to those moments with Kael. I can remember what we did the day he wore each outfit, playing in the grass, the night at  the byu game we all went to together, jammies when we snuggled at night of how some of those nights were long but I love and cherish each of them, pieces of his towels we would use when giving him his sponge baths he loved to get washed off his hair was his favorite thing he would get the happiest face when we washed his hair, the ones we took his professional pictures how blessed we are that we got to do that once, the blankets we cuddled up in on the couch or that we rocked with in his glider, the onezies the boys played peek a boo with him in, the outfit he wore when we were finally able to bring him home from the hospital in and so many more! Its amazing what it has done to my memory. Some days I feel like I am forgetting so much. We are going on 6 years this year and every day I think of Kael and remember that special spirit he had but some of the little things are slipping. I hate that so bad I want to remember every single little thing and this blanket has helped to bring some back!  Not a day goes by that I don't look at it. It is such a priceless, precious gift. I love that I can hold it, snuggle in it and just think of him. Of course I wish it was him I was holding and snuggling but since that's not an option right now the blanket is amazing. I am forever thankful for this precious gift and for my amazing sister in law who made it. It is by far the best most precious gift I have recieved in a long time. I love it when I know someone still thinks of and remembers Kael. I will forever live to honor and remember his life and his name and hope and pray that one day we will see him again. What a special boy he was who taught me so much and continues to teach me so much each and every day!


Chantel said...

That is awesome. I love it.

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