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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Test Results

Well the babies test results are in!! Lots of good news and a little bit of not so great news. Wed after Christmas I got the call we had been waiting for it was the perinatologist. The tests from the amnio were in. Great news is that all of her chromosomes look good, no signs of down syndrome, no signs of troubles like Kael had, she is for sure a she and shes growing right on track. The not so good news is that it came back that she carries two strands of the cystic fibrosis gene. This means that when born she will have some sort of cystic fibrosis. The good news is this we have already been put in touch with the best of the best at Primary Children's and have had a lot of our questions already answered. There are so many things they can do these days for these sweet babies and most of them live a fairly normal life with the exception of needing medicine and sometimes breathing treatments which can be done at home. There is all sorts of therapies out there and medicines that these people are living into adulthood and having their own families, holding jobs etc. Its not to say it wont be a little bit harder than normal and that there wont be any complications but with how medicine is growing we are much more at ease.  Layne's brother Richard has cystic fibrosis and his is so tame that they didn't even diagnose him until he was in his 40's hes been overall healthy and has done many things with his life so we are very, very optimistic. From now until I deliver I will be monitored every 2 weeks. They will do a ultrasound every other time just to ensure she is growing as she should and that there are no other complications. On Friday we had a ultrasound and she is looking GREAT! She is growing right on track and moving around like crazy, her heart rate was looking great also. She was kicking her legs above her head and grabbing her toes with her hand it was so stinking cute! So if you can please pray for this little one keep her in your thoughts and hope for a non eventful next 13 weeks. I cant believe I am almost to the single digits already it doesn't seem possible. We cant wait to meet our sweet baby and will do everything in our power to ensure she lives a fantastic, great full life! We are feeling beyond blessed and cant wait to meet our sweet baby!!


Jen said...

I'm sorry about the CF diagnosis and I will be praying that her form is very mild and that she lives a perfectly normal and healthy lifestyle!


Tesha said...

Praise God he picked the perfectly family for this special little girls. I have high beliefs that she will do wonderfully. I know your heart rejoices over her already. Even since your diagnosis I have been reading about kids and adults with CF. I am praying you get lots of help and and resources that will make every run smooth. Praying for sweet baby girl and you my friend! Love you Brigiette so proud of you for sharing this and being brave.

KW said...

Yay, that is good news. Glad to hear everything is looking up. You are right about modern medicine and living normal lives, so much amazing things out there right now. You are awesome and optimistic that everything will always turn out how it should. Praying for a healthy little girl.

The Hammonds said...

Hoping its tame for her and doesnt affect her quality of life!!

*Laura Angel said...

So so sorry about the CF diagnosis. Prayers your way and to that sweet baby girl!

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